Speech at the Dohány Street Synagogue

Sympathy demonstration for Israel
Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters!
Why is it that we have come here? As it is neither I, nor Faith Church that would promote war and violence, we want peace and we are advocates of reconciliation. But there is no peace, especially not in the countries of the Middle East. The rockets launched from Palestinian territories keep Jews living in the land of the Bible under constant threat. Reconciliation must be based on justice. We came here today to speak about the facts and truths concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in face of misinformation and lies that serve to create or deepen turmoil and deceit.
For the sake of discernment we have to make this clear: It is not Israel that is waging war against the Palestinian people, but it is the democratic Jewish state and its government that is fulfilling its commitment to its citizens, who rightfully expect the state to guarantee them the peace that is essential for mere existence and normal life by laws and if necessary, with military forces. Palestinian terrorists on the other hand keep committing crimes against the Israeli people in order to destabilize the Jewish state and maintain constant fear and terror in the hearts of the citizens living there.
Let us not forget the causes triggering the present conflict. Three Jeshiva students were killed and the Palestinian administration did not give up the murderers to Israel, what's more they increased the number of rockets launched into Southern Israeli territories, causing great damage in both human life and finances. Therefore one of the basic aims of our demonstration today is to support Israel in her right for self-defense and her efforts to eliminate terrorism, because in this conflict Israel is on the right side.
Critics of Israel claim that the Jewish government is over-reacting to terrorist attacks, and that their reaction is disproportionate and brutal, therefore they are responsible for civilians having fallen victim in the fighting. My personal experience is that most Israelis respect Arab peoples and Palestinians, too, and they are ready to make a pact of peace with them, just as they did with Egypt and Jordan. The root of the problem is that the Palestinian administration, like most countries in the Middle East, does not acknowledge Israel. What's more, it supports terrorist organizations, such as Hamas and Hezbollah, whose aim is to liquidate Israel. According to Fatah and Hamas the whole of the Holy Land, including Jerusalem, belongs to the Palestinians. Their Charter includes the following: „The land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf (an area dedicated to Islam), which belongs to future generations of Moslems until the day of judgement. It must not be given up either as a whole or in part.” Those belonging to Hamas also reject the peace process, since they think it is a waste of time and mere daydreaming. In their view „Israel will exist until the day when Islam destroys it...” So, the independent Palestinian state would be nothing but an instrument by which they can realize their final goal, that is, the liquidation of the Jewish state, subjugation, persecution and the murder of Jews and Christians.
These views are unacceptable not only for Jews, but for all democrats, patriots and Christians. Every decent person must support Israel's fight against Islamists. Democrats must do so, because Israel is the only real, existing democracy in the Middle East. It is only a strong Israel that can guarantee permanent peace in the area. Her fight is also against anti-democratic powers which deny and criminalize rights of freedom. Extreme Islamists murder their own people, Moslems and Arabs who interpret the Koran differently in the same way they murder Christians, Jews or non-religious people. Patriots must also support Israel, because Islamists pose a threat to all people with a national, patriotic attitude. They want to set up a caliphate, where there is no place for national identity; only a transnational Islamic religious consciousness may prevail. Zionism as a national movement, however, respects the identities of different nations. Those protecting European civilization and cultural heritage must acknowledge that Israel consistently protects and represents  the Judeo-Christian culture, one of the main foundations of our civilization. Jewish administration has established holy and historical sights of great significance, which, when seen are essential in strengthening one's national identity and are made available to all. The reason why Christians must also support Israel, regardless of which denomination they belong to, is that Jesus Christ and Paul, the apostle to the nations did that and will continue to do so forever. Jesus of Nazareth declined the view of the Samaritan woman, because she tried to minimize the role of the Jews in salvation’s history. Paul warned the Christians of Rome not to boast against Israel, because it is not Christians that support the root, but it is the root that supports them. Israel and the Messiah and (because of him) Christianity are inseparable, they live in co-dependence with and for each other. Hatred and a violent attitude in the church towards Israel will result in a distortion of Christianity and the loss of its essence and credibility. Since both the Saviour and the way of salvation originate from the Jews, the existence, reality and prosperity of Israel is essential for the future and renewal of Christianity. We must stand by Israel, we must support her in her struggle for the defendable borders of the Jewish state and for our common values. Israeli soldiers are also fighting for our civilization and Christianity and they are fighting against those who desire to destroy these. We must also see it clearly that the Jews did not leave their land and beloved capital, Jerusalem, out of their own free will, but it was their enemies, the Assyrians, the Babylonian Empire and later the Roman Empire, that forced them to do so. For centuries it was the hope in their return to the Eretz and Jerusalem that gave the Jews the strength to fight for their subsistence. After the horrors of the 20th century we consider it an extremely positive development that the superhuman fight the Jewish people fought for their homeland was successful. Following World War II the superpowers and the majority of UN member states made a clean break with a centuries old anti-Zionist tradition and made it possible for the survivors of the Nazi death camps and the Jews of the diaspora all around the world to return to the land of their fathers, prophets, holy priests and kings, to establish a state there, to rebuild their ancient cities and create a prosperous, flourishing country. This event of historic significance will result in the rebirth of hope for the future of Christianity as well.    
Regarding the sufferings of the Palestinian people, we deeply sympathize with the pain of all innocent Arab or Palestinian civilians. We also sympathise with the relatives of the victims. However, we must emphasize: things do not need to be the way they are. There will be a positive turn in the fate of the Palestinian people if their leaders put an end to violence against Israel, give up their plans to destroy Israel and make peace with the Jewish state. The course of events in the area, unfortunately, is not heading in that direction.  Hamas uses Palestinian people as human shields so that the Israeli military strikes will have even more civilian victims. Even in the past they have often used the dead bodies of elderly people and children to convince the general public that the Jewish state commits war crimes and genocide against the Palestinian people. However, the truth is that it is Hamas, who is mainly responsible for the great number of civilian victims. First of all, because they enforced and necessitated Israeli military strikes, rejected the Egypt mediated ceasefire at the beginning of the conflict and installed a number of launch pads in schools, hospitals and civilian areas.  Israel does her best to minimize the number of civilian victims, but Hamas would rather like to maximize that in order to demonize Israel with cruel human sacrifices before the general public.
Let us not fall for the trickery, deception and manipulation of Islamist terrorists! Let us inform our fellow-men about the facts and truths about the crisis and do not conceal any information that is necessary for discernment and for the true understanding of the conflict.
Murderous thoughts may be followed by murderous crimes. Anti-semites and neo-nazis in Hungary indiscriminately adopt Islamist lies, hatred, and destructive intentions about Israel to deceive their fellow-citizens with false information and interpretation. They do it displaying themselves in the role of defenders of the nation and Christian values.
We firmly condemn their incendiarism against Israel and all forms of provoking hatred. We stand up against these and take every legal opportunity to prevent Hungary from taking the side of darkness and defeat, now or in the future.
From this place we invite our deceived fellow-citizens to pay attention to the genocide committed by the Islamist brothers of Hamas, for example in Egypt, against Coptic Christians, or in Syria and recently in Iraq. Christians need to flee from almost every country in the Middle-East. In Nineveh - today Mosul - the terrorists of the Islam state have recently eliminated a 2000 year old community. The persecution of Christians in the Middle-East has increased to such an extent, that Christianity is threatened to perish. The only place in the area where the number of Christians could grow in the previous years was Israel. Why do the international and national media stay silent about it?
But Shiite Islamists do not treat Jews or Christians better either. The leadership of Iran still has anti-democratic, anti-semitic and anti-Christian political practices and Iran is close to becoming a nuclear state. Its most prominent religious leader, Ali Khamenei Ayatollah, in his speech to university students, asked the Palestinians to continue the armed fight against Israel and even expand it to the West Bank. The religious leader repeatedly emphasized how necessary it is that Israel disappears. The lives of Palestinian people and children are not precious to him either.
Now, I ask Gábor Vona: How can he reconcile his close friendship with Iran, who hates the foundations of our civilization, with his commitment to national Christian values? While he keeps unfairly reviling Israel, why is he unable to speak up for persecuted Christians in Iran, Iraq and other countries in the Middle-East? What is Jobbik doing on the side of Islamists at all?
Finally, here, before the Dohány Street Synagogue, before the God of Israel, before our Jewish brothers and sisters and before the open public we state: we Evangelical Christians protect the Judeo-Christian revelation and the culture based on it. We support Israel, the Jewish people, so that her long historic suffering would end, she would take her place assigned by the Almighty among the nations and would fulfil her destiny for the benefit of the whole world. The apostle Paul said regarding the rise of Israel: 'For if their rejection brought reconciliation to the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead? ' (Romans 11:15 NIV) The Eternal One says the following about Jerusalem, the one and undividable eternal capital of Israel: 'For the LORD has chosen Zion, he has desired it for his dwelling, saying, “This is my resting place for ever and ever; here I will sit enthroned, for I have desired it. ' (Psalm 132:13-14 NIV)
Shalom, may God bless and watch over Israel and Hungary!