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  • Thanksgiving

    Thankful people and those who complain face the same problems, but deal with them in a different way. As children of God, they experience His presence and support in their lives through thanksgiving. The book presents the importance of a lifestyle of thanksgiving in order to overcome difficulties.

  • Rebirth

    The message concerning rebirth is essential for everybody to become a Christ-like person. The comprehension of the biblical message behind rebirth is indispensable to the development of every Christian and God-seeking person.

  • Ten Commandments

    The goal of this book is to prove that supernatural power comes into our lives when we get to know the Messiah personally. This power works in us through Him and has taken the place of the unbearable moral regulations of the Old Testament while making it a light and delightful yoke upon us.

  • Hope

    Hope is among the most important messages of the Bible. What is more, it is the book of hope. The Scripture gives hope for those who haven’t yet learned how to live their faith by trusting in the guidance of God's word or have lost it on the way.

  • The scandal of faith

    This book is the collection of the published writings of Sándor Németh, who is the senior pastor of the largest charismatic church in Europe and also one of the most influential leaders of contemporary reformation.