Deceivers and deceived ones

Total submission to God’s truth is the fundamental condition of a veritable God service. This is the only way a man can reach his salvation and final happiness. The main aim of sorcery, on the other hand, is exactly to expiate God or other spiritual beings and to get their support and blessing for the fallen man.

Beside natural factors, human destiny is formed and determined by objective spiritual forces, too. The materialistic life conception considers human fate a mere result of interactive forces, like the material, social and subjective ones. The Greek - Roman culture assigned the greatest power over man’s earthly career to the spiritual beings of the higher world.

According to the Ancient - Greek world concept a human being’s important task is to gain higher gods’ (theos) grace and protection to lead his fate in a favourable direction. The same concept claims that gods lead men to happiness and wisdom by means of daimons. Human doom and tragical destiny evolve from the man’s opposition to higher gods’ will, the loss of their support, as well as from the godly wrath provoked by stupid human decisions and acts.
Ancient historians recorded about Alexander the Great, that he systematically sought the support of main pagan gods for his world - conquering plan. Despite this – or maybe exactly due to it – his meteoric career ended up with a dramatic suddenness. The biographers of Julius Caesar (who was not only the priest of Jupiter, but was also given the title of pontifex maximus by the king of Pergamon), recorded about him that, he persevered in nursing cultic relations with heathen gods, in order to get their guidance in his political and military career.
These examples were not unique and isolated cases in the ancient times, but beginning with Nimrod, they generally characterized the religious practices of the pagan world leaders. The Bible also mentions that near the leaders of different nations and empires, sorcerers, priests and diviners were active, who maintained strong relationships with the ruling gods of their nations by occult and cult practices and liturgies. They did so to find out the plans and wills of their gods, in order to share them with their rulers. These occult persons were to be found near Egypt’s pharaohs, as well as in the surroundings of Babylonian, Mede-Persian or Ancient Greek kings.
According to an important part of Jewish-Christian believing researchers, who studied the origin of religions based on Biblical revelation, the monotheistic faith originally ruled over the Earth. The Scriptures prove that polytheistic conception spread out much later, after the foundation of the first city-states. During the processes of people formation, migration and homeland conquest, local, territorial, and national deities were formed whose cult had had a provincial character.
The Bible condemns polytheism, and considers it the most radical opposite and denial of the one-God-faith (monotheism); moreover, it declares it to be the greatest sin. The biblical revelation presents us Babylon as being the most powerful representative of polytheism. In the Bible Babylon is not only a historical reality (ancient empire), but also a diabolical spiritual one, which, according to some suppositions, was generated and spread out in various forms, especially throughout the Near-East, by Nimrod’s and his wife Semiramis’ zeal for founding religion. In the Bible Babylon is the source and prototype of idolatry, foreign god’s cults, sorcery, occult, and esoteric religious-political-military systems.
According to the Bible this religious system did not cease after the defeat of the historical Babylon, but instead since its formation in varying forms it determined the spiritual-religious aspect of all consecutive empires of history. That’s why it is said, that though Alexander the Great defeated the Babylonian, Mede-Persian empire, but their religious-spiritual defeated the Greeks, or even more, conquered in spiritual respect the whole Near-East. This does not mean the end of the different territorial-national religions, but unfortunately their mixture and syncretism with the Babylonian system.
Many historians specialised in Antiquity claim the same thing about the Roman Empire, which succeeded in conquering the whole Mediterranean region from Britain to Persia; but the Greek-Hellenic religious tradition prevailed over the traditional Roman cults in religious-spiritual respect. In his first epistle written from Rome, Apostle Peter calls the local church (congregation) Babylonian. Taking into account other ancient Christian and Judaic sources too, we can say that the Jews and Christians, like the apostles, saw in the religious - spiritual as well as in the political-cultural system of Rome the successor of Babylon.
Beginning with the middle of the first century, the most influential leaders of the ancient Christianity obviously realised that Babylon’s religious system represents at least the same danger for their congregations as for Israel of the Old-Testament ages. The recognition of this peril also influenced the drawing up of the book of Acts.
The successes of ancient Christianity did not achieve the change of the religious, and spiritual regime in Europe, either.
During his three missionary journeys, apostle Paul turned away from the Diaspora Jews, in order to preach the Gospel of God’s kingdom to the pagan masses worshipping idols, foreign gods, and believing in occult practices. The things that happened in Lystra, Philippi, Ephesus, etc. showed that the early Christianity based upon Jewish revelation was endangered by getting mixed up with heathen cults, sorcery, and occultism. In Lystra, the representatives of indigenous ancestral culture, and religion wanted to insert the faith in Jesus Christ into the cults of Jupiter and Mercury. In Philippi, instead, they wanted to submit the message of the Gospel to the spirit of divination (Python), while in Ephesus the syncretism between Jewish-Christian faith and occultism, i.e. the cult of goddess Diana tried to start, but was stopped by the unsuccessful exorcism attempt of Sceva’s sons.
Beyond this, the Samaritan history of Simon, the magician, as well as the conflict of the sorcerer, called Barjesus, with Paul signalled that the Jewish-Christian revelation and faith had accessed foreign areas, where the essence of native culture consisted of the so called Babylonian religions and occult practices. But the early church opposed them the Gospel based on monotheism, which represented a huge innovation in the heathen world of the age. The book of Acts makes it clear that this culture was open toward a mixing with the Jewish - Christian revelation, but aggressively opposed those apostolic, early Christian endeavours, which intended to base the faith and life exclusively upon God’s Word, as this would have meant to abandon and deny the Babylonian religious system, as well as to separate from it.
Many Christian reformers assert that despite the missionary successes of the early Christianity, a real change of the religious-spiritual regime was not achieved in Europe. On the contrary, Babylon defeated the post-apostolic church, and the Christians – likewise the Old-Testament Jews – fell into Babylonian captivity. The Jewish-Christian revelation became more and more adjusted to the ancient Babylonian religious system, whose various manifestations can be seen inside the main-current ritual Christianity up to the present day. The religious system dominating and determining our continent started to be formed as a result of some complicated and contradictory historical-religious processes beginning with the early Middle Ages. In this system Jewish - Christian revelations are merged with the worshipping of pagan foreign gods and idols, with religious forms taking their power and influence from sorcery.

Calvin, Luther and many others took the above-mentioned historical fact as a starting point, when they proclaimed the necessity of purifying Christianity and church from idolatry and occultism. But they were able to achieve their goal only partially; moreover the counter-reform, going on continuously since the renewing of Christian faith, systematically enforces this pagan-Christian syncretism against the Bible-based reform tendencies. Beside the main religious systems of Western and Eastern Europe, the Coptic, Ethiopian, Indian and other Christian formations are products of that same syncretism.
The eventual elimination of the division of syncretic Christianity, or the achievement of its organisational unity will not lead to the renewal of real (effective) Christianity. Moreover it would most probably unify its aggressive opposition to evangelical Christianity all over the world..
Apostle John’s Book of Revelations supports the above interpretation of the church and religion history. In this book Jezebel newly appears, as a spiritual factor in the church, as well as the “queen of kingdoms” (“the princess of Babylon”), under whose diabolical influence stands the religious practice of Europe’s nations. This spiritual power makes the nations, by sorcery, accept those false religious aims, tendencies and heresies, which will lead the greatest part of the nations and peoples of the Western civilisation to oppose God’s will in the apocalyptic era.
It seems unexplainable for the secular, globalising world – where the religious concept of considering every religious experience and practice equivalent becomes more and more popular – why could the main components of different world religions not be merged into a global universal religion. The post-modern world does not understand either, why the Jewish-Christian revelation considers itself possessing the absolute truth, and why it has a refusing and excluding attitude towards other religions, god-concepts and ritual practices. Indeed, the Old and New Testament faith has an excluding character, even when present day church leaders do not like to speak about this publicly. But it is doubtless, that the complete Scripture requires a refusing attitude towards other gods and religions from its followers.
Religious syncretism: sibyls together with the biblical prophets on Michelangelo’s fresco in the Sixtus chapel in the Vatican.
This criteria of the biblical faith derives from the essence of the revelation; that’s why it must be neither concealed, nor denied. Exactly this specificity of the Christian orthodox faith makes it evident, that the true Christianity can’t occupy the status of state religion in a democratic, plural society, as this would prejudice the conscience and religious liberty of all citizens professing relative religious values. This, in turn, is incompatible with the presently valid laws of God’s kingdom, according to which the precondition of becoming Christian supposes a personal decision based on free will, during which a person accepting the message of the gospel recognises Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God.
The best position of true Christianity is the state-independent status. Thus it is able to preach the Word of God efficiently, and to expand even in the midst of illegality or persecution – as history has so often proven. But in case of a church-state intertwining - especially when state organisms and money are used for church purposes - the excluding character of Christian faith gains political rank. This in turn determines the given political regime negatively, distorts the state legality and rightfulness, causes a real infringement of lawful rights and interests to great masses of people, because it often overemphasises church and clerical claims in detriment of national interests.
State churches. Christianity represents a blessing for the society, if it remains independent from the state.
Christianity is really a blessing for the society, if it remains state-independent. But a symbiosis between the two brings curse upon the nation, as Europe has evidently proved in its last fifteen-century-history. Therefore this remains a fact, even if a considerable part of the present day Hungarian society, and many of its leaders and politicians ignore it, and started an experiment, which the history many times pronounced judgement on.
The excluding character of the Old Testament faith derives primarily from the first three passages of the Decalogue (Ten Commandments), which interdict the acceptance and cult of other gods, apart from the unique righteous God of Israel; they also prohibit the manufacture and respect of idols, as well as the misuse of God’s name. The New Testament did not annihilate these excluding commandments at all, but confirmed them instead. Moreover the essence of Christian faith: the resurrection of Jesus the Nazarene of the death, His ascension and heavenly glorification have an exclusive and excluding content exactly because the Holy Scripture refers them to a single unique person. According to Christian faith, men can become righteous, and receive eternal life only by Jesus Christ. That is why Christians sticking to the biblical truth refuse the salvation role of other founders of religions (Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed) in the matter of seeking God.
The real Christianity is suitable to generate positive changes in the conditions of a society, but being in a ruling role it is not able to meet the plural society’s requirements to a democratic governing. In Europe, the veritable Christianity has always been in a minority position as well as it is now.

The earth and the heavens

The theories dealing with the causes and ways of how the different religions and cults have been formed are determined by the ideologies of their developers. Materialism is denying not just the existence of God but the whole transcendent world; therefore it traces religion and occultism back to materialistic and social causes. In contrast with this the Bible gives great significance to the supernatural reality, which has crucial influence on the life of men.
In the recent years many studies were written about the cosmic spiritual forces, which control geographical regions and international power-centres. Several biblical phrases support the view stating that there are good and evil angels above nations and geographical regions. By their spiritual power and might these angels direct and determine the thinking and life of people living in the given region.
According to the Holy Scriptures the cosmic spiritual world has two power-centres. In Heaven there is the throne of God, the centre of the universe. For the moment the mind of man cannot grasp the size and the dimensions of the universe. According to the present state of science there is no proof for the existence of life outside of our planet. The Bible, however, speaks about galaxies calling them heavens, and on this basis the universe has three levels.
The lower level, to which our planet, the Earth is belonging, is called visible world, visible heaven. Beside this, according to the revelation, there is a sphere unrecognisable to man: the heaven and the heaven of heavens, and the inhabitants of these called “armies” by the Hungarian translation. Compared to the extent of the Universe our Earth is an insignificant, tiny place. Its importance came and comes not from its material greatness but from its spiritual state and reality, mainly from the fact that the Almighty sent his one and only Son to this tiny place. The inhabitants of the Earth, mankind appears to be a speck or a drop of water from the centre of the Universe.

Surely the nations are like a drop in a bucket; they are regarded as dust on the scales. (Isaiah 40.15)
The ancient Judaist idea that God has put only Israel among the nations under his control can be verified by many biblical quotations. According to these words the nations are subordinated to the reign of angels. Jesus is teaching about the kingdom of Satan, which is opposite to the kingdom of God and fights a battle against it. According to the teaching of the Nazarene God formed Gehenna, the place of final condemnation for Satan and his angels.
In the Gospel also appear spiritual beings without body who have personality features. They are longing for dwelling in human bodies because they feel well only there, and even they consider human bodies their own properties. Jesus regularly cast demons out of men and made it clear that the body of man belongs to God.
On the basis of the whole Holy Scriptures the kingdom of Satan cannot be considered a supernatural reality, which is independent from God. So in the spiritual realm there is no dualism. It is more accurate to speak about the breach and division of the supernatural realm. Satan and his angels are also God’s creations; it makes no difference that they work against God and the world. Their limited authority and power are submitted to the omnipotence of God and the reign of Jesus Christ.
The apostolic epistles give great significance to that aspect of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, which relates to the cosmic spiritual forces. According to this the Lord has disarmed the powers and authorities (Colossians 2.15). The victory of Jesus extends to Satan and his angels, too. The authority of the name of Jesus Christ is absolute against the spiritual forces of darkness.
It is important, however, to take another biblical fact into consideration: though Jesus has conquered the kingdom of Satan, it still holds its cosmic position and possibilities in the visible world for a transitional period. So it is still true that Satan is the god of this present world. By his evil angels and demons he influences and determines the state of this world and the life of men who reject Salvation or not accept Salvation yet. It arises from these circumstances that every religion, idolatry, occultism and witchcraft, which are opposite to the Jewish-Christian revelation, are considered “dangerous operation”. People have contacts with evil angels and demons by those religious experiences and spiritual adventures which are out of revelation.
According to the Bible’s resolute statement the cults of false gods and idols and occultism is actually the service and worship of evil spiritual beings and demons. The more the nations and peoples stick to their false gods and evil spirits the more the satanic beings determine the fate of men and the state of earth. As idolatry is the service and worship of spiritual beings who rules this world and rebel against God but are conquered by Christ, it cannot be mixed or melted with the worship of the one and only true God.
The worldwide spreading of sin and its consequences indicates the intertwining of religions and devilish forces. The state has greater strength to retain sin than the different religions, moreover in societies committed to false religions and gods, morals and even the public health are in chronic crisis. The more extent the presence of spiritual forces conveyed by false religions appears in people’s lives the more flagrant the social differences are in the society. The increasing social influence of satanic rulers and authorities is indicated by anti-Semitism and anti-Christianity (that is the opposition to real Christianity).
The satanic government is a robber and corrupt organisation, it shamelessly exploits its subjects with different taxation forms and blocks their financial rising, and distributes the collected goods according to its own interests so that it can maintain a clientele for supporting.
The state and its organisations are also open to the influence of satanic beings. The diabolic government harasses the communities and persons representing the Jewish-Christian revelation. It bans the Bible or hinders its spreading and reading; it blocks the formation and social penetration of the life-style, scale of values and communities based on the Bible. The satanic government is a robber and corrupt organisation; it shamelessly exploits its subjects with different taxation forms and blocks their financial rising, and distributes the collected goods according to its own interests so that it can maintain a clientele for supporting.
There is a satanic influence in the state when decisions in important matters are made not by democratically elected bodies, but by such organisations that are submitted to the state in order to serve and defend it (e.g. KGB, CIA). The influence of satanic forces in a given geographical region is also indicated by frequent natural disasters, for example earthquakes, floods and droughts.
After Christianity had left the Jewish culture it found itself in a region which was under the control and dominion of evil angels. Every cultic act and witchcraft were aimed that with prayers, ritual sacrifices, magic words, curses, and with the help of religious objects, liturgical means and medicines they could maintain the relationship with the spiritual beings reigning in the empire, provinces and cities. According to the statement of some Christian demonologists the spiritual rulers and authorities who rule the nations are the same pagan gods and goddesses who were worshipped by people of the Near-East, the Greeks and the Romans.
The cause of differences and contrasts between the spiritual history of Israel and the nations is cleared in Deuteronomy 32.8:
When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when he divided all mankind, he set up boundaries for the peoples according to the number of the sons of Israel [sons of God].
Considering the exegesis of the excellent Hebraist, Márta Hack, the original text of the quotation above is naming God Elion = Higher, The Most High as the Lord of history who is greater than any god. The content of this revelation shows that there is a hierarchical order in the spiritual realm; at the head of it there is the Creator, that is —by the naming connected to the message of our theme— El-Elion, the Most High God.
According to the quotation the Most High gave possessions, lands, material goods to the nations or let them have it, that is He divided the Earth among the nations. The Lord of history (the Most High) divided the descendants of Adam into peoples and nations. By the languages of Babel He also separated, divided peoples and families into ethnic groups.

With the help of religious objects and liturgical means they cultivate the connection with the spiritual beings reigning in the cities.
The third statement of the quotation above is that the Most High also put up and fixed the boundaries of the nations. This could refer not just to geographical boundaries but also to the historical time-period of the nations. At least one of the statements of Paul’s speech in the Athens can be interpreted this way:
From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. (Acts 17.26)
The most important part of the sentence quoted from Deuteronomy is the last one, which is rendered by the Hungarian translation with the following words: “according to the number of the sons of Israel”. Many professors dealing with the Old Testament consider the sons of God (bené-El) expression authentic and exact instead of the sons of Israel (bené-Israel). In the scripture found in Qumran (which dates back to the age before the birth of Christ) the bené-El expression appears. The authenticity of the “sons of God” is also supported by the Septuagint-translation where the expression in question is translated from Hebrew to Greek in the form of “according to the numbers of the angels of God”. While the traditional texts from the Ancient Times contain the bené-El expression, the Masoretic text from the Middle Ages uses the bené-Israel expression.
From the viewpoint of this essay the “sons of God” or the “angels of God” seems to be the authentic and exact expression, too. According to this God has not just gave the nations their inheritance, divided all mankind into peoples and nations and determined the boundaries of their lands and the time set for them, but he ordered them under the authority of angels, and they control the nations. The great question is whether these spiritual beings are good or bad angels? Since in the Holy Scriptures the sons of God expression could refer to both good and rebellious angels (see the Book of Job).
Some people claim that these beings could be exclusively fallen angels, while others speak solely about good angels. Both interpretations can be supported by certain passages of the Bible. In the Book of Daniel appear the “holy ones” (kaddishin) and the “messengers” (irin), those spiritual beings who are the members of the heavenly council (parliament) and responsible for the vital questions of world history, and concerning them they have the authority to make decisions. They make judgement on self-contended, conceited dictators and then they assign the execution to appropriate persons (see the example of Ahab and prophet Micaiah, the judgement of Nebuchadnezzar or the judgement of Herod Agrippa I).
In the Book of Daniel also appear evil angels who are named as national leaders (e. g. “the prince of Persia” and ”the prince of Greece”). These fallen spiritual beings primarily enforced their own will and influence on earth through the leaders of the ancient empires. On the basis of these biblical facts the statement seems to be valid that in the space between the earth and other planets, in the region of our solar system, in the so-called “heights” (epuranos = above the sky) or in the “second heaven” there are both good and evil angels.
The fundament of this present age is the covenant made between God and Noah. According to the biblical reports after this event which marked the beginning of a new era men have rebelled against God again and particularly after Babel they gradually broke away from the proto-gospel and from the covenant hall-marked by Noah’s name. Because of this pre-historical apostasy the hierarchy of Satan gained the control over the nations. The influence of good angels on mankind lost ground. Isaiah speaks about the evil beings controlling this world when he writes about the “lofty city” (Isaiah, chapter 25 and 26). Apostle Paul in the 6th chapter of the Epistle to the Ephesians lists those cosmic spiritual forces controlling this world and this age from the days of Noah until the present, whose residence is in the sphere above the sky (epuranos), in the original Greek: rulers = arkhai, authorities = exusiai, powers of the world = kosmokratores, spiritual forces of evil = pneumatika tes ponerias. As the “third heaven” and the “heaven of heavens” is the sovereign territory of the kingdom of God from where Satan and his angels were thrown down, it is probable —taking the 12th chapter of the Revelations into consideration— that the power-centre of the kingdom of Satan is in the “second heaven (heavens)”.
Israel was in an exceptional spiritual state and condition while she kept her covenant with the Lord. Israel was the only one among the nations whom Elion did not order under the reign of angels but invited them directly into his presence and reign in a supernatural way (see the law-giving at Mount Sinai).
For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession. (Deuteronomy 7,6)
To the Lord your God belongs the heavens, even the highest heavens, the earth and everything in it. Yet the Lord set his affection on your forefathers and loved them, and he chose you, their ascendants, above all the nations, as it is today. (Deuteronomy 10.14-15)
The development of the religions of the nations was due to the evil angels who were appointed by Satan to replace the good angels over a certain population or region after the young nations had been getting far away from the law of Noah’s covenant in the period of the foundation of nations and states after Babel. The Jewish people escaped from the Egyptian captivity had to deny the religions, ceremonies, religious objects and places of the nations because these things had been created to enforce the reign of evil angels over a certain region or people. God demanded that Israel —after taking them into a privileged position— would fear and worship Him as the one and only God.
The law made it clear that turning to other religions is unacceptable for the Almighty. The negativism of the law and the prophetic writings concerning other religions is rooted in denying the service and worship of evil angels and demons. The Holy Scriptures also shows these God-opposing cosmic beings as man-killers, destroying forces who develop religions for the people in order to make people worship them. The religious-spiritual experiences people get in this diabolic sphere are not just unequal to the service of the one true God but mean more hostile and injurious behaviour against Him than atheism.
By the service and worship of alien gods and idols people get into direct connection with their irreconcilable enemy, Satan who is named “man-killer” by Jesus because he tempted Adam by the power of death so that he could destroy him and his descendants on earth and pull him into the final condemnation, Gehenna. Through Moses God told Israel the conditions of the long-lasting possessions of the Promised Land.

When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there. Let no one be found among you who makes his son or daughter pass through the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord, and because of these detestable practices the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the Lord your God. The nations you will dispossess listen to those who practise sorcery or divination. But as for you the Lord your God has not permitted you to do so. (Deuteronomy 18.9-14)
The nations of Canaan strengthened their relations with the satanic forces, angels and demons by occult practises. Occultism is the summarising idea of the different occult (“hidden”, “secret”) doctrines, philosophical systems and magical practices. These occult practices are called esotery (“inner circle”), too. Both names are indicating that the real nature of these activities with spiritual character is often hidden to their followers, too. So the inner, destructive content of the occult, esoteric doctrines and cults hides behind an attractive, fashionable, deceiving terminology.
However according to the Word of God these are all detestable sins that let their representatives get under curse. The whole Scripture reveals the love of God toward man. Everyone can take full advantage of the reality of this love through the embodiment and atonement sacrifice of Jesus Christ. One of the fundamental phases of preaching the Gospel is calling people into the presence of God, into eternal life. The message of the occult and esoteric practice influences people in a way completely opposing the Gospel. It makes them be connected to invisible dark forces that captures people’s will and uses their personality for purposes and aims opposing the will of God.
People got into the trap of occultism are not able to comprehend their real state and realise that they are hostile toward the Word of God. Through the spirit of death satanic power fills the heart of these people with thoughts, ideas and intentions that hinder them in getting to know God and in realising their real state and the real motives of their actions. Occult practice made the Canaanites to get into satanic depths and bonds where their nature and destiny were almost completely determined by the evil. At this point the deteriorated man himself also becomes a diabolic (evil) person and becomes able to do all the wicked and evil things that his master, Satan does against God and man.
The passage quoted above shows us that the nations live in the permissible will of God. In contrary Israel has to live in the perfect will of God. The permissible will respects the limited rights of the nations to do bad things and to sin. These limited rights of the nations include right to choose religion and gods.
However the Canaanites overstepped even God's permissible will and became shameless and limitless in doing evil and wicked things. This fact evoked the wrath and judgement of the positive forces responsible for the balance of strength of the universe, and finally of God. The permissible will of God ensured the nations’ right to exist and it contained the chance to rise by working with their natural strength. This is not God's redeeming will as it can be gained by the nations only through submission to the Word of God.
One of the main reasons for the fall of Israel is that it detached from the perfect will of God and stepped back to the level of the permissible will when they placed the worship of other gods and idols beside the worship of the one and only true God and opened the door for esoteric and occult cults and practices. It might have also deceived the Jews of the Old Covenant ages that the surrounding nations, despite their idolatry and occult practices could reach some economic, military and political success.
In the ancient times - as already mentioned - people attributed their success in various fields of life to the help of gods. That's why the gods of strong, expanding and conquering nations achieved greater and greater international prestige. After both Israel and Judah had surrendered to the influence of satanic powers God withdrew his Spirit, the Shekina from the Most Holy Place. The Ark of the Covenant disappeared. The people of the Old Covenant ages tore themselves from the direct reign of God and became submitted to evil angels that governed the nations.
As a consequence of this spiritual-religious deviation Israel got into captivity and became exiled, that is they got under the authority of pagan empires. What God allowed or more exactly tolerated to the nations He forbade the Jews.
Pagan idealistic ideology promotes the spreading of occultism and witchcraft. This ideology does not divide the spiritual world into positive and negative spheres or it divides the world the wrong way and it gives priority to a false idea over material and social goods. The three strongest desires of human nature are connected with the possession of power, knowledge and material goods (money). Pagan idealists say that these things are under the control of gods; therefore obtaining them depends not on work (as materialists think) but on the good will of gods and of supernatural spirits. Various practices, cultic sacrifices and gifts can conciliate these spiritual beings so they may influence the physical world, societies and nations in order to fulfil human desires.
The religiousness of Cain was witchcraft-like because through his religious behaviour he wanted the Creator to serve his desires, that is Cain wanted to bribe God
The first wizard was Cain, who wanted to conciliate the one true God by gifts in order to win God's recognition and support to his life and work. The religiousness of Cain was witchcraft-like because through his religious behaviour he wanted the Creator to serve his wicked desires that is Cain wanted to bribe God so that he could realise his egoistic aims and interests. Heaven did not answer his sacrifice but Satan did. Cain filled with hatred toward his brother and killed Abel whose sacrifice God had accepted.
Sorcery contains those religious practices, rituals and occult, esoteric techniques by which the sorcerer tries to influence God or other spiritual beings to get support to achieve his goals. The sorcerer leaves divine facts and revelations out of consideration when making and keeping relationship with supernatural powers. The service of Abel proved to be good because he interpreted the relationship between God and man according to the reality. He accepted the divine revelation that man had sinned and his sins separated him from God therefore none of the production of his work is acceptable in the eyes of the Holy One.
Abel’s starting point was the fact of the necessity of redemption. He believed that in order to enter into communion with God he needed an atonement sacrifice that would turn God's wrath away from his life. He did not want to force his own nature and aims on God by religious deeds but he did submit himself to God's will and laws without any condition.

Submission to God's truth is the primary precondition of the real worship of God. This is the way man can reach redemption and final happiness. In those religions and cults where both the Word of God and the Holy Spirit are pushed to the background or where even dogmas opposing to them are proclaimed, sorcery stands in the centre of the religious behaviour.
Cain can be called a sorcerer because he put his own will above God's. On the contrary Abel became a righteous man because he submitted himself to the will of God according to the revelation. Sorcery or witchcraft aims at obtaining the conciliation, support and blessing of God or other spiritual beings for the fallen man. After all, this activity is an ungodly form of using authority, through which the sorcerers want to rule over people, over the power of nature, over sickness and over hostile powers.
Witchcraft makes people demon-possessed and throws them under curse. According to Apostle John the first sign of becoming demon-possessed is the hatred towards the brothers and later comes the faith in erroneous ideas about the relationship with the Father and the Son. Apostle Paul views the sin of wizardry as a real danger even for Christians. For example, the Lord’s Supper is a crucial point. If Christians do not follow the related instructions, they may get in communion with demons.
In his second epistle to Timothy apostle Paul speaks about the spreading of Christian-like sorcery. He writes that in the last days difficult times would come, because among other things several Christians would deny both the power of the Gospel, and being filled with the Holy Spirit. They put the emphasis only on training their intellect instead of receiving supernatural power. The Apostle compares these people with the sorcerers of Egypt, with Jamnes and Jambres who opposed and resisted the charismatic people representing God’s will. Generally every holy deeds of Christians, such as praying, preaching, praising, baptising in water, laying hands on somebody, confirmation (by laying hands on) can be distorted and get in touch with demons, if they are separated from their original spiritual content and are only serving the influence of a particular community or church member.
When the content of religiousness becomes witchcraft, the believers fail to realise the divine goods obtained by Jesus’ redemption. The signs referring to the presence of curse are: spiritual-psychological collapse (e.g. depression, paranoia or other neurotic or psychological illness.), recurrent or chronic sickness, inclination to accident, barrenness or inclination to premature birth or abortion, sexual problems connected to the above, divorces, breaking up of the family, poverty, series of failures, abnormal dependence, suicides and unnatural or early death. If several of these signs occur in someone’s life the presence of curse is likely.

The woman of wizardry

…all because of the wanton lust of a harlot, alluring, the mistress of sorceries, who enslaved nations by her prostitution and peoples by her witchcraft. (Nahum 3:4)
Nahum lists the biggest sins of Nineveh founded by Nimrod. Nimrod (his name means rebel), the first great rebel against the Covenant made with Noah founded several city-states, such as Babel and Nineveh. The Babylonians, Scytians and Medes destroyed Nineveh in 612 BC. This city greatly influenced the civilisation of the ancient East. It was the centre of sorcery, especially of the religious forms of sorcery, for long centuries.
The Hebrew term kefes translated to sorcery in English demonstrates the above. The original sense of the Hebrew word contains religious practices, such as citing liturgical texts and prayers as part of idolatry. These texts were often sung to the idols. The magic songs increased the enchanting power of these cults.
The prophet calls Nineveh the mistress of sorcery, as it is not just only a geographical-historical, but a spiritual reality as well, with a much greater importance. Using the personifying term “mistress of sorcery” is not a technique of a poet but the definition of the spiritual having been ruled over the city. According to the biblical worldview this term names the evil angel who controlled the city. This angel in the satanic hierarchy had the task to found and spread a new religion in order to influence nations by religious dogmas and liturgical practice and keep them away from the knowing of the true God.
By the religious forms of sorcery Nineveh exercised influence on mankind living after the Flood and on the young nations and their political forms – on city-states and empires. Nineveh was one of those city-states that had a negative effect on the base of civilisation. Its internationally respected cults and gods corrupted their relation to the supernatural. Nineveh’s culture and religion bewitched the world of that time and made the people demon-possessed.
The prophet claims Nineveh be a harlot, because the city separated the nations from the laws of the Covenant with Noah by its occult religions and wizardry. The Prophet Nahum reproached Nineveh that it set up a satanic trap at the very beginning of the civilisation and diverted mankind from the right spiritual direction and opposed the people to the will of God. According to the prophet God’s sentence would strike this city.

The Queen of Kingdoms

In the 47th chapter of his book Isaiah prophesied about the “queen of Babylon” and he foretold that she would be called the queen of kingdoms no more. (Isaiah 47:5) After Nineveh, the capital of Assyria had been destroyed; Babylon became the centre of the world for a long period. In the Bible this city also represents a spiritual-religious reality as the spiritual centre and source of the rebellion against God, of idolatry, sorcery and astrology. Its expert in sorcery and astrology and its diabolic knowledge played an important role on gaining political-military success. By this knowledge Babylon took advantage over the neighbouring idol-worshipper nations and later the nations of the Near East.

The Babylonian Empire reached the top of its power under the reign of II. Nebuchadnezzar (BC 605-562). Before the siege of Jerusalem the king also used the service of his sorcerers to be able to defeat the Jewish State. The leaders of Judah did not attach spiritual importance to this fact. They thought that the state had protection against witchcraft and fortune telling. Although the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel let Israel and its leaders know that the supernatural protection had left the Jewish state, had left Jerusalem and the Temple, and that due to its sins God had handed Israel over to the pagan authorities.
According to Isaiah’s prophecy Babylon can be appreciated as the spiritual heritage of Nineveh, though its power and strength far exceeded that of Nineveh. The Word of God blames both cities being a “harlot”, that is having relationship with evil angels, demons and submitting the people and the nations to diabolic supernatural powers and by their political, economical and religious forms making the world demon possessed. The two cities are spiritually similar to each other as Nimrod founded both.
The first centres of his kingdom were Babylon, Erech, Akkad and Calneh, in Sinar. From that land he went to Assyria, where he built Nineveh, Rehobot Ir, Calah and Resen, which is between Nineveh and Calah; that is the great city. (Genesis 10:10-12)
Opposite to numerous historical works, the Bible makes a negative judgement over Nimrod’s work of founding empires and civilisations. At the very beginning of the human race Nimrod’s life created such a world order that obviously opposed God’s plan for the world.
After the Flood God made a covenant with Noah, the father of today’s people. The centre of the covenant was the service of the one true God. The covenant also contained basic principles of multiplication and settling down on Earth – the protection of life and the right to succeed by work. Shem and Japheth got the leading position of the era after the flood, while Ham, because of his disrespect of authority, inherited curse from Noah. The Bible tells us that in this new era, in the time of the 3rd generation after Noah, people having been put into submission by Noah got the leading position of the human race. Hamite people who had been under generational curse founded the first city-states. This kind of curse not only detaches man from the blessing of God, but it also hands human spirit and behaviour over to the influence of evil spiritual powers.
Probably this is the reason why Mizraim (Egypt), Canaan and Nimrod, the descendants of Ham, built their firs civilisations on strong occult and mystical base. In the Near East, in Mesopotamia they created a system based on cosmic powers that were against God. From this system God called Abram (Abraham), the descendant of Shem out, so that according to the blessing of Noah the preparations for the realisation of divine order could begin.
Sorcery (false religions and cults) stood in the centre of the Hamite world system. They set up deformed state structures that served neither the respect of God, nor the protection of life and nor succeeding by work, but the privilege of the rulers and the forcing of the favourable forms of idolatry on the society. The Hamite-type state was the instrument of oppression and exploitation by which people were degraded to be subjects, deprived from rights.
Israel of the Old Testament times fell into the trap of this Hamite system when they opened themselves to various pagan gods, idols and occultism. It became a painful consequence of Israel’s openness to polytheism, that the Jewish state lost its independence, the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple, and that for nearly three thousand years the Jewish nation had to fight as the subjects of other pagan states for their existence and for the survival of their Jewishness.
According to Isaiah Israel had also got under the rule of the “queen of Babylon”, the “queen of kingdoms”, whose power and the effectiveness of its religious-spiritual system surpasses the occult power of Nineveh and Egypt and greatly influences the whole civilisation. The “Queen of kingdoms” is a transnational spiritual factor, which has influenced the nations for long centuries; what’s more, the prophet tells us that these nations even served the queen of Babylon. Due to the continuity of her dominion this spiritual reality states that
“ I will continue forever – the eternal queen! (Isaiah 47:7)
The revelation of Isaiah enlightens that this satanic being thinks that by her many sorceries, astrology, spells and songs she has built up the greatness of her power, enchanted and bound the nations. (Isaiah 47,12) In fact it was God who gave Babylon power over His rebellious people and over the nations. The prophet prognoses that the day comes when her power would end and the people of God and also the nations would become free from her witchcraft. She would no more be called the “queen of kingdoms”. None of her sorcerers, astrologists and spells will be able to prevent her of being deprived from her power and her treasures.
Prophet Jeremiah also prophesied a heavy judgement for Babylon in several chapters of his book. He stated about the spiritual content of the empire the following:
Babylon was a gold cup in the Lord’s hand; she made the whole earth drunk. The nations drank her wine; therefore they have now gone mad. (Jeremiah 51,7)
At another place he calls Babylon “destroying mountain who destroy the whole earth” (Jeremiah 51,25).
In the New Testament Babylon appears again in the anagnorisis of the this era as one of the central characters of the coming apocalyptic years. Apostle John repeats many judgements and unveiling revelations of the Old Testament concerning Babylon. In the 7th verse of the 18th chapter of his book he makes it clear that the divine revelation refers to the same reality to which the 47th chapter of Isaiah refers, therefore Babylon in the 17th and 18th chapters of the Revelations is the same as the “queen of Babylon” and the “queen of kingdoms” of Isaiah.

In these chapters of the Revelations there are a number of statements which can be found in the book of Jeremiah, too, especially in its 51st chapter. The identity of the revelations of the Old and New Testament proves that God uncovers those spiritual realities that got into a dominant position for the first time in the historical Babylon, then through different historical formations this spiritual factor determined human civilisation and world history, and its final downfall will happen at the end of the history. From the Holy Scriptures it is also unambiguous that Babylon’s power for creating religious-spiritual and political-economical systems comes from Satan, and it will determine the earthly fate of mankind.
Our post-modern world is also under the bewitching power of sorcery. It transfers and forces behaviour-forms, religious-spiritual forces, cultural habits and ideologies on other people which are at least as hostile and destructive against the kingdom of God as its historical prototype. In the 14th chapter of his book prophet Isaiah calls the fallen Lucifer the “king of Babylon” who destroys and controls the nations, who had built up the “house of slavery” for mankind in order to torment and beat people in the course of history. According to this the “queen of kingdoms” —who is the same as the “queen of Babylon”— indicates an evil angel with great authority who is subordinated directly to Satan to carry out his plans during the course of history with the help of many evil angels, demons and human forces hostile to God.
One of the characteristics of Babylon is that it “once was, now is not, and yet will come”. In history it became embodied in different apparent power constructions and religious systems, however it still existed when it “was not”, when people breathed easier after the collapse of an evil empire (e. g. after the collapse of Hitler’s Germany or the Soviet Union). In reality the dark angels of Babylon were still diligently working when in the euphoric atmosphere of liberation people with good will hoped a nicer and better future.
The forcing back of evilness into invisible level has never meant the end of the historical career of evil. According to the prophetic forecasts the satanic forces are also seeking the best system in which they can freely express themselves. Therefore the history of the world is the stage of fulfilment of sin and evil too, parallel to the redemption and salvation from these realities. According to the opinion of Apostle Paul the evangelisation of the nations and the working of the Holy Spirit in the believers keep the spreading of sin within limits. The fulfilment of the diabolic and the evil will be realised on earth in the future when God will take the opposing forces out of this world. This is the dark secret of history.
So according to the Book of Revelations you can say that in the anagnorisis of our era the occultism and the religious forms of sorcery will become more and more determining forces of human life, of the worldwide spread religions and of the political-economical systems (see the 17th and 18th chapters of Revelations). The Bible, however, finishes the uncovering of the mystery of the evil with good news: the kingdom of God finally overcomes Babylon and the anti-Christian world power, and after the judgement of the nations the new world will be established and operated on Earth according to the divine order and law. So through world-wide cataclysms the history of the world finally leads into the kingdom of God.

Jezebel, the expert of false religious statements

Israel in the Old Testament was divided from the Hamite civilisation by God’s law. The dividing line between them was so sharp that for our modern thinking it might seem to be even totalitarian and terrorist.
From religious-spiritual point of view Israel’s release from Egypt was a change of regime. By God’s intervention on the Jews’ side, by the manifestations of His almightiness in the ten plagues of Egypt and in the wonders of exodus and then in the fantastic events of receiving the Law the Jews as a nation were definitively turned away from the occult sources of the pagan civilisation. In national dimension a new faith and a new culture were born in the world. In the centre of the ancient Jewish faith and culture was the shekinah above the cover of the Ark of the Covenant and between the two cherubs, to where the High Priest once a year had to put the blood of the atoning sacrifice so that the forgiveness of sins and the presence of God would remain the fundament of the Jewish life and society.
So the ancient Israel had transcendent roots, their source arose from the heart of God. Israel was welded together into a nation by the divine power manifested in signs and wonders so that through them God showed the quality of life which can be achieved if a nation lives in fellowship with the living God. Israel’s initial victories proved God’s superiority in power and authority above the false and foreign gods and idols of the pagans. The sorceries and occult practises of the neighbouring nations could not influence the chosen people — until they were obedient to the words of the Covenant. The world of that age kept an eye with astonishment and fear on the glorious political and military victories of the ex-slaves in the conquest and founding of state and in the fights with their enemies. Because of the lack of space we don’t want to go into details about those corrupting and decaying processes which finally led to the ceasing of the ancient Jewish-state and to the captivity in Babylon and to the Diaspore-life. The real cause of the collapse was not the outer evilness, but the crucial role was played by the inner spiritual conditions.
The most important causes were the religious-spiritual problems, for example the spreading of pagan idolatry in the Old Testament society. Another cause was even more intensive: the false religious revelations and doctrines were playing a greater and greater part in the religious thinking of the people. For the latter the idolater kings, the false prophets and the corrupt priests were responsible.
In the following we will deal with the negative influence of the false prophets and prophecies on Israel.
I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brothers; I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything I command him. If anyone does not listen to my words that the prophet speaks in my name, I myself will call him to account. But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded him to say, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, must be put to death. You may say to yourselves, “How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the Lord?” If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him. (Deuteronomy 18, 18-22)

Exclusively God can establish a prophetic ministry. He chooses the one out of the believers to whom he gives calling and mission to hear words from God and to tell these words to the people. Prophets are chosen and sent by God who are anointed with the Holy Spirit in a special way. They receive the divine revelation through the different manifestations of the Spirit, and they proclaim and tell it to the people with the power of the anointing. The prophet is the mouth and the mouthpiece of God, through whom the Lord speaks.
The quotation above made it clear that the history of revelation would continue after Moses, in which the prophets would play a central role. The direction of the Law concerning prophets determined the prestige of prophecy, too. The fate and prosperity of Israel would depend on its relation to the true prophetic ministries. In this same place God promised protection for his people against false prophets and their revelations. False prophet is someone who was not called to the prophetic ministry by God and not sent to the nation by the Lord, nevertheless he put himself into prophetic position.
He is also a false prophet who speaks words in the name of God but his message is not from the Holy Spirit but from his own heart or soul. The person who gets supernatural information in the name of a foreign god, by occult practises, and he spread it among the people, is also a false prophet.
From the verses in the book of Moses it can also be understood that the legitimacy of the prophetic ministry comes from the divine calling and mission, the direct revelation from the Holy Spirit and the fulfilment of the prophecy. If the marks of legitimacy are not seen in the life of a prophet and in his ministry, he should be considered a false prophet and his message a religious, empty, wrong and worthless statement.
The greatest inner danger to Israel in the Old Testament ages were false prophets, their devices, false statements and doctrines. These religious swindlers used God’s name illegitimately, they hid behind the authority of the prophetic ministry so that they could swindle the people, mislead them with their false reports, prophecies and heresies. The effect of their ministry was the opposite of the true prophets’: they undermined the authority of the Word before the people, alienated the nation from the presence and the service of God, stuffed the head of the people with worthless religious propaganda instead of true spiritual values. This was followed by spectacular spiritual-moral decay on a wide social scale.
Many people consider Balaam the greatest false prophet in the Old Testament. Maybe he was, however, it is sure that for Israel he is not the one who brought the worst destruction. Balaam was not Jewish, he was an “outer” prophet who had extraordinary charismatic talents by the anointing of God. Balak, the king of Moab bought him to curse Israel that is to say revilement and swearing to Israel by the power of evil spirits.
It was not up to the prophet that the wish of the king of Moab failed. The supernatural intervention of God changed the prophet committed who had himself to say curse on Israel so that from his mouth came out one of the most beautiful blessing of Israel. However, later according to Balaam’s advice Balak used Moabite women to excite longing for sexual sins in the men of Israel. The sexual manipulation had achieved its purpose: several thousand Israelites fell into lust and committed adultery. So the posterity correctly considers Balaam a rebellious prophet who finished his career with sorcery.
However, to Israel Jezebel caused a bigger destruction than Balaam. She, as the king’s wife, gave the false prophets governmental and social protection and authority while the true prophets were killed and Elijah was labelled illegitimate person. Jezebel opposed everything that was built up by Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David and others in Israel before. She carried out a pagan-type change of regime among the Jews, and she tried to build the fundaments of the state and society onto those occult practises and cultic forms of sorcery on which the pagan civilisation had been built.
Jezebel’s instrument for the counter-reformation and laicization was the state. By using the power of the state and with the help of the cult of Baal, Asera, etc. she compelled the Jewish society to worship evil angels and demons, and to respect them in a liturgical form. The spiritual battle between Elijah and the Baal-priests on Mount Carmel made it clear that the majority of the people lost their ability to distinguish between good and evil, true and false, life and death. According to the report of the Holy Scriptures the sorcery and the adultery of Jezebel corrupted the majority of Jewish people for whom both the true God and the diabolic, destructive cults became acceptable (“they wavered between two options”).
Prophet Ezekiel qualified the work of the false prophets sorcery many times: “Their visions are false [nothing] and their divinations [kesem = sorcery] a lie. They say, “The Lord declares,” when the Lord has not sent them; yet they expect their words to be fulfilled.” (Ezekiel 13,6) Ezekiel was astonished that these people who “saw nothing” tried to build up an acceptance and respect in the nation concerning their own personality and activity by abusing the Lord’s name, while their message was an empty, worthless, religious bluff. The most unrealistic thing in this phenomenon is that these prophets who “saw nothing” even expected their third-rate hotchpotches to be fulfilled.
This pseudo-charismatic screenplay is called sorcery by the prophet. If someone announce false religious statements, cheap imitations and delusions with divine authority, in the Lord’s name, and by this he tries to influence the spiritual-mental life and fate of men, then he produces an effect similar to an occult practise to all who accept his religious deceit as authentic charismatic manifestation. Those people who accept false religious statements and phantasmagoria are influenced by the spirit of lie. This spirit alienates and divides these people from the real presence and power of God, and the abused ones follow errant purposes and false perspectives as a pretext that they obey the truth.
The personality of the followers of false prophecies become more and more dominated by the evil spirits of self-deceit, false consciousness of calling and confusion in self-esteem. These spirits make their victims unrealistic or in some cases anti-social person from social and ecclesiastic point of view. The Bible often calls false prophets ‘fools’.
The crucial cause of the spiritual-religious and national-political collapse of Israel was that the majority of the nation and their political and religious leaders fell into the trap of the sorcery of false prophets, and they lost their ability for spiritual-moral orientation.
They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace. (Jeremiah 6,14)

In the ancient Israel the highly respected prophetic ministry was occupied by ‘peace-prophets’ who built their activity on pragmatic considerations. They always knew who would gladly listen to what, who would be thankful for what. Their message was formulated according to social and political expectations.
These ‘treasury-prophets’ got hold of significant political and social influence and wealth by their activity. On the other hand due to the spreading of their false religious statements the true prophets did not seem trustworthy, and their prophecies seemed to be lies in the time of Israel’s decay. Therefore Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for that their religious ancestors were always harassing the true prophets. For the inversion of truth and lie Israel paid a great price.
The New Testament Scriptures are also drawing our attention to the danger of false prophecies and heresies [hairesis in Greek] which alienate the believers from the communion with God and undermine the spiritual-moral scale of values and unity of Christian churches. Jesus Christ calls their spreaders, the false prophets ‘wolves’, who “attack [harpadzo in Greek] the flock and scatter [skorpidzo in Greek] it.” The activity of false prophets is characterised by these two words: the Greek verb harpadzo in the context above means aggressive influence, religious violence by which the victim’s whole personality is grasped by evil spirits and a negative turning happens in his state and life. The skorpidzo verb means the destructive effect of false religious statements, which finally results in that demonic state when due to the words and power of lie the person has drifted away from his/her personal relationship with the Lord and from the New Testament church built on the pastor-sheep relationship.
In those churches where the ‘wolf-prophets’ successfully obtained the leading positions the community based on the truth falls apart into almost atomic pieces. The believers become separated and turn against the communities and the people of God by whom God wanted to bless them. Their scale of values and world-view are becoming more and more influenced by the lie. Jesus encourages pastors to fight against these ‘wolf-prophets’ for the interests of the Church. Those who get out of the way of the wolves, or their passivity helps the wolves to destroy and devastate are called ‘hired hands’ by the Gospel who “care nothing for the sheep.”
The Christian false prophets and teachers often possess remarkable biblical knowledge and so they use it in their actions against pastors and biblical churches. They love to present themselves as true ministry gifts so that they can use the special rights connected to this office (salary from the church, distinguished love, obedience, etc.) for their unblessed activity. They have their ‘wolf-activity’ accepted with their victims as biblical ministry so that they can hide behind the biblical protection of the New Testament service from the uncovering and judgement of pastors. Their favourite word is that “there is no condemnation for us…”, and so they categorically refuse every rightful and established judgement concerning their activity, which they consider equal to those of the ministry gifts.
In the Book of Revelations again appears one of the most famous characters of the Old Testament: Jezebel, the daughter of the king of Sidon who after her marriage with Ahab destroyed Israel from inside and drifted the country to the edge of disaster.
Nevertheless I have this against you: You tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. (Revelations 2,20)
The appearance of Jezebel, and the fact that she got an important role in the church-history indicate that she is not only a historical person but a spiritual being who intruded into Israel of the Old Testament ages and into the New Testament church as well, and made a diabolic impact on the people of God. According to the Book of Revelations this evil angel shows herself a true prophetess, a maidservant of God, and by her false teachings and revelations she infects the churches and makes them accept religious practices that opposes the true service and worship of God.
In the 2 Corinthians Paul also drew the Christian’s attention to the fact that Satan can masquerade himself as an angel of light what also becomes clear in the fact that he puts false apostles and deceitful workmen into the Church of the New Testament and into the community of the believers.
For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. ( 2 Corinthians 11.13-14 )
In connection with the changing the original Old Greek text distinguishes between the changing that affects the internal essence of a person or thing and the changing that affects only the outer form. In the above verse of the original text the expression metaskhematidzo (which is translated to masquerade in English) indicates the formal change and transformation that does not affect the essence. Also Jesus described this problem when He taught his disciples to resist the false, religious revelations.
Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. ( Matthew 7. 15 )
It seems that behind the false prophets, prophecies and the false teachers and heresy there is a satanic creature that is called Jezebel by John. The task of this dark angel is to deprave and ruin the Church of the New Testament through the religious forms of wizardry, the false revelations, prophecies and heresy spread by the activity of false prophets and apostles or to merge the Jewish-Christian revelation with heathen religions.
Also my experiences acquired during my pastoral ministry justified that the spirit of Jezebel worked in the false prophets, teachers and apostles. This spirit is searching for people who have opened themselves to religions and teachings that contradicts to the Word of God and invade into the spiritual world arbitrarily. These people are cheated by deceitful, lying and religious demons therefore also they themselves become deceivers and manipulate the thoughts, feelings and desires of people through false statements.

Where the spirit of Jezebel is present and gets dominant influence, the life of the church becomes filled with false charismatic experiences and the forgeries, empty dreams and untrue revelations of people “seeing nothing”. One of the aims of the spirit of Jezebel is that she grabs people that has not been called by God, and who has neither mission nor anointing and places them into the office of the five gifts of ministry.
It shows the presence of the spirit of Jezebel too, that believers straggle from the church. The original expression (planao) means to straggle towards a bad direction and wrong aims and also the state in which the person does not feel himself in his place anymore, therefore he is wandering from one place, one church and one country to the other. This straggling without aims or towards false aims cuts down the believer in both spiritual and moral respect. So the spirit and the “children” of Jezebel do not assemble and keep together the children of God but they estrange them from God, from the persons who has been given a real gift of ministry and from the church where God wanted to provide the essential supernatural supply and protection to their spiritual and mental development. The marauding Christians are spiritual homeless who are exposed to the religious forms of wizardry, the Christian occultism and the immorality.
John uses three expressions in connection with the consequences of the work of the spirit of Jezebel: straggle-swindle ( plana ), fornication ( porneusai ) and the worship of idols ( fagein eidolothuta, eating the food sacrificed to idols ). The weapons of the spirit of Jezebel are the false charismatic authority, swindle, immorality and worship of the idols. With these weapons she tries to estrange and ruin believers, families and churches that accept the work of the Holy Spirit.
In the churches where instead of the Holy Spirit this spirit takes the determinative and leading role, finally she expels the reborn believers filled with the Holy Spirit and from this time the conduct of these churches will be hostile towards the Christian reformation and the revival. This spirit has attacked many Pentecostal-charismatic churches and she has caused divisions everywhere.
This diabolic spirit forces some people to aggressively search the possibility for their development in the church. These people are trying to set aside the believers and the leaders being in their way by slanders, schemes and betrayals so that they can build up authority in the churches that helps them to the success of their wizardry. The Book of Revelations (2:23) speaks about “the children of Jezebel” in other words about people in whom this anti-anointing is manifested so that it may realise Satan’s programme in the life and the fate of Christian people, relationships and families.
There are many marauding and deluded Pentecostal-charismatic Christians also in Hungary whose state is characterised by restlessness, persecution and aimlessness; they do not find their place anywhere and an invisible power chases them towards false directions. After the change of regime straggle and swindle have free scope and possibilities.
The marauding, cheated believers make up two big categories: the first one includes the cheated, straggled believers whom the religious forms of wizardry have been charmed and estranged from the perfect will of God concerning their life and destiny. A great part of these drifted, cheated believers do not find the place where the “iron head of axe had been dropped into the water” in other words where they had fell out of the leading of the Holy Spirit, the perfect will of God, after which the disorientation became a power forming their destiny.
The second group of marauders includes people who are deceivers themselves ( planos = swindler, misleaders ), in other words persons who turn other people away from the right way. There are stronger demons in them and they can be called “children of Jezebel” with good reason, because they themselves are candidates for the title of the false prophet and apostle. They are people filled with demons for whom it is a great pleasure if they can destroy the Church, estrange people from the perfect will of God and tempt to sin.
Deceivers urge believers to rebellion and sinful lifestyle through their influence. According to Paul’s forecast “the Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits (pneumasin planois) and things taught by demons (daimonion)” (1 Timothy 4:1). It comes to light from the original text that marauding and disorientation have got spirits. The deceitful, marauding spirits are demons that are hunting lovingly for Christians and the people Of God, particularly in the last days.
These deceitful, marauding demons divert the attention of the believers from the Word of God and make people forgetful in connection with the revelations of God. They pick the Word out of their minds and hearts and instead of the Word make the believers interested in false, religious revelations, heresy and sermons made by themselves. Through different lusts, yearnings, wishes and thoughts they urge the believers to turn against the Word and the Holy Spirit and to break off the relations having been given by God (for example leaving the church, divorce, senseless, wrong change of employment and place of living, etc. ).
Crisis situations help the activation of deceitful and marauding demons when believers and churches are fighting with problems that seem to be irresolvable. In these situations the deceitful spirits induce people being under their influence to escape and draw back instead of using their faith. Such wrong decisions start the process of the spiritual and moral corruption and depravation in the life of many people.
Paul speaks about “marauding spirits” in plural form. This suggests that this “kind” includes many kinds of demons. Some demons put pressure first of all on the feelings and the will of people while others on the intellectual abilities so that people open their soul and heart to religious traditions, false revelations, religious dogmas and bluff that oppose the Word.
One of the tasks of the Holy Spirit is to guide believers into the eternity and to the facts of God so that the reality of God may be reflected from the nature and conduct of the believers being under his rule. The marauding and deceitful demons’ impact is just the opposite: they take away the people from the reality and God’s things of faith and guide them into an unreal empire with religious appearance and into a phantom world where the religious deceptions and imitations seem to be original and true. The deceitful demons destroy the abilities for distinction between value and trash, truth and lie, God and Satan and between Heaven and hell. The cheated people accept the nothing as something and nobodies somebody and follow them. After estranging from the right way such demons take the control over the cheated people and make them followers of teachings, ministries, religious traditions and liturgy that are against God.
According to the original text in the last days the cheated Christians listen to the teaching of demons. One of the favourite occupations of the marauders and deceivers is the ecumenism in other words religious meetings urging union where the base of the union among believers instead of the Word of God is the variety and hotchpotch of religious thoughts and ideas that often are opposed each other.

Word squeezers

Also believers, preachers, pastors and priests are under the influence of this spirit of Jezebel in other words wizardry if they distort the Word of God from its original mentality and semantic content or listen to it and accept it. The explanation of the Word has spiritual laws that every preacher has to accept authoritative and normative. The golden rule of the explanation of the Word has two main items: 1. The Scriptures explain themselves (“sola Scriptura”); 2. “the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life” (2 Corinthians 3.6 ). Nobody has the right to fill the letter of the Word with content and message arbitrarily, denying its original meaning. Every such procedure belongs to the category of forgery and lie. Word squeezers are people who squeeze the power, the spirit and the thought of God out of the Word – as you squeeze the juice out of the oranges – while they demonise the Word and the Bible itself.
Also Satan did this when he tried to manipulate Jesus with a quote picked out of one of the Psalms, with the authority of the Word so that Jesus rebel against God. Jesus of Nazareth saw through this diabolic conjuring and refused Satan’s ministry.
About this kind of religious deception Paul shows the following:
Bear in mind that our Lord’s patience means salvation, just as our dear brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him. He writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort (streblusin), as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction (ten idiam auton apoleian).
According to the quote those people were already present in the early Christian churches that misconstrued and misinterpreted the letters of Paul together with other books of the Scriptures arbitrarily. Peter qualified these people as foolish and unstable people. These features - foolishness and unstableness - unfit the Christians for the community with the Word and for the ministry.
Distort, in other words squeezing (strebleoo) means religious forgery during which somebody leaves the original mentality and content of the Word out of consideration and projects his own ideas and thoughts into the Word and then interprets them to his audience as if they were the revelations of God. Forgery and demonising of the Word and building up its influence belong to the religious kinds of wizardry. The apostle declares about these forgers that they destroy themselves: they ruin their own life and destiny through their religious deceptions. Peter advises believers to be on their guard and not to be carried away by the error of lawless marauders (te ton athesmon plane). (2 Peter 3.17)
Wizardry brings a negative change in the destiny of people therefore it is the diabolic opposite of the Biblical repentance. The original Hebrew expression concerning wizardry conveys the content of this occurrence with the expression of “cutting”. You can interpret wizardry as the repentance from the repentance to God as somebody said it in one of the commercial channels some years ago.
People being under the influence of Jezebel and the spirit of wizardry in each case regret that they returned to the living God and they promise to repent from their repentance to the Word. This so-called “weaver returning” is nothing else but religious deception and wizardry.
Also a Catholic priest talked about a “weaver returning” in a conference. He told the “testimony” of a Gipsy man to his audience. This man repented to God first in the Faith Church and then he was converted to Catholicism. According to his testimony after some travail today he does not deny the Eucharist as an idol but he loves and worships it. By the way the conversion from the repentance of the Word is the most important event of the Counter-Reformation.
A musician repented and promised to be converted in public because he took part and even served in a Pentecostal-charismatic sermon where believers were filled with the Holy Spirit. Of course this man also argued that he regretted his “mistake” and it had been a lesson for him and that day he really repented.
When you hear about such things you get to know the work of wizardry’s powers and spirits that is realised in different religious forms. Wizardry breaks its victims away from the state of being in God’s grace that has developed after reborn and from filling with the Holy Spirit. It cuts off believers being under its influence from the House of God and from people who could have been the means of God’s blessing in their life.
Wizardry is Satan’s destructive and occult power that he uses to destroy the life of persons, communities and nations; separates and cuts off congregations and families from the Lord and the Church, and turns them against the presence and things of God. Wizards are persons who take part in the realisation of this satanic plan. People being under wizardry are deprived of not only God’s plan concerning their life but also of the ability to freely form their personal destiny.
Demons and evil creatures make the state and destiny of their victims determined through wizardry. A lot of people who fell into their trap feel that in spite of their intentions a foreign and invisible hand drives their destiny towards wrong aims, and so far all their efforts they made in order to be delivered has failed. Wizardry turns the positive potential of people down and takes away every value that have anything to do with God. Wizards and the cheated people, the citizens of Babylon leave burned down and purposeless life behind when they move to the eternal darkness.
Wizardry is not only the internal problem and threat of Christianity but it is a world wide problem that is built deeply into the root of our civilisation and it keeps every area of life of this world under its negative influence. This is the essence and power of the religious and political-economic system of Babylon about that John declares the following:
The light of a lamp will never shine in you again. The voice of bridegroom and bride will never be heard in you again. Your merchants were the world’s great men. By your magic spell all the nations were led astray. In her was found the blood of prophets and of the saints, and of all who have been killed on the earth. ( Revelations 18.23-24 )

According to the above at the end of this age every ethnic group will set to itself false aims and perspectives and get further and further away from the way determined by the Lord of history. The global marauding is caused by the wizardry of Babylon. Under the spell of this wizardry people estranged from the saving plan of God and turned against it so that they build up a world of antichrist that unite the world as a post modern tower of Babel under the aegis of the “daughter of Babylon”, the “queen of kingdoms”.
The biggest enterprise of the human history is happening in our age. According to the original text the blood of the prophets, saints and martyrs is mixed with this wizardry (farmakeia) of Babylon. The prophecy about Babylon has a double meaning: this system chased and killed the prophets and saints of God’s kingdom during the history, however at the same time it monopolized the historic memory of the prophets, saints and martyrs so that it shows itself to be a part of the kingdom of God, the real Church and a righteous system and has the people accept itself.
Babylon is a Janus faced reality: its internal nature is murderous as the nature of Satan about whom Jesus says: “He was a murderer from the beginning.”; its outward appearance is bedecked with features showing that he helps, lifts up and saves the people and the nations. Babylon’s double cast of mind and schizophrenia pushes the nations into an immoral lifestyle that is against God, empty and valueless religions; and serving of demons at the end of the history. In this world the spiritual and mental claim that was said by John: “Come, Lord Jesus!” is appearing in a more and more powerful way.
Source: New Exodus