Satan, the evil One

  • Our daughter was gladly following the Christian faith, but she became involved with a boy who is a Satanist and one day she didn’t come home. What should be done in this situation?

    Satanism in many cases appears in an attractive and trendy form, but it can cause irreparable harms in people. Therefore, it is important for parents, especially for those who know the Bible and Christian teachings, to inform their children on problems concerning Satanism. Satan is the enemy of God who is an existing person and not only a symbol. The Judeo-Christian revelation presents him as the one in the Bible who is the source of sin, death and all kinds of affliction. It is crucial for Christians to have knowledgeable, trustworthy information about Satan and to inform their children as well. In this situation, I think it is important to pray since God wants to deliver those who are in the captivity of Satan and this woman as well. 

  • How is it possible to cast out a legion of demons from someone who is not a born-again Christian? 

    It wasn’t written about the girl of Philippi that she was born-again, though the spirit of Python has been cast out of her and then she was unable to foretell the future again. This story underpins the statement that it is possible to drive out demons from people who are not born-again. Repentance is a decision based on human will and evil spirits leave man as a result of the operation of the Holy Spirit. But man should not experiment with casting out demons. Chapter 19 of the book of Acts talks about the sons of Skeva who started doing it irresponsibly. As a result of this, demon-possessed people undressed and beat them. Jesus Christ was driving out demons after being filled with and anointed by the Holy Spirit. Jesus said in chapter 12 of the gospel of Matthew, “but if it is by the Spirit of God that I drive out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you”. So the presence and operation of the Holy Spirit is needed. Nobody has the necessary power or authority to drive out demons from another man. Casting out demons without the Holy Spirit is possible, but it belongs to the category of magic. In the case of biblical, evangelistic miracles, the executive power is the spirit of God and not some kind of demonic, satanic power and here lies the difference between the two. When it is magic, then the anointing of the Holy Spirit cannot be found there. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about this topic among Christians as well.        

  • You have mentioned the spiritual source of some kinds of illnesses. How is it possible to relate illnesses that have a spiritual source with natural healing? 

    According to an ancient tradition, homes should be kept clean as the dirt and impurity entail the presence of evil spirits. Even in the Old Testament, the Israelites correlated the presence of demons with rubbish and mess. This serves to be the basis for water baptism or in other words sacred bathing and for the house-cleaning on Friday. The sons of Israel didn’t only want to remove the natural dirt, but they carried out spiritual cleaning as well. There is some truth in this practice, though man is unable to fully overcome invisible spiritual beings that quite often attack people. Spiritual weapons are needed for this. The spiritual version of it can be found in the New Testament. Obviously, it is important for Christians to keep themselves and their homes, clothes clean and it has a spiritual significance as well. There are many points at which it is difficult to understand the way the material world interlocks with the spiritual; though it is more general that it is thought to be. Unfortunately, the Christian world view erroniously took care of separating the spiritual world from the material one. They managed to build up a wall between the two so successfully that the spiritual world has disappeared. The European world view needs to be rejuvenated, since many Europeans have lost the vision about the invisible world. The worldwide popularity of occultism is in connection with this. The defeat of materialism is inevitable, even that of Marxism as well. People are talking about demographic catastrophe in Europe, which is an undeniable fact. Apparently, people don’t like life, because those who like it constantly struggle against death. This can be found neither in Hungary nor in many European countries.       

  • How can the spiritual beings be distinguished? How can we fight against the evil spirits that are on earth and in the atmosphere? 

    According to Jesus, the demons are meandering in the atmosphere of the earth. Verse 43 of chapter 12 of the gospel of Matthew says that when the demons and impure spirits come out of a person, then they go through arid places. This doesn’t mean that demons couldn’t be found at wet places. Jesus was referring to the fact that when these evil spirits separate from the human body, then they start meandering. If they are inside of someone, then they live with him and accompany him even on a vacation. One fights against them is through the name of Jesus Christ. In the case of evil angels, Paul says, they cannot be driven out but man should fight against them. The basic principles regarding spiritual warfare can be found in second Corinthians chapter 10. Paul lists the spiritual weapons in Ephesians 6 which can be used in the battle against evil angels. The Bible says that the weapons of God are spiritual and have divine power to demolish strongholds.     

  • Why did God let Satan close to the people? He knew beforeforehand that man is unable to struggle against it. 

    This is not the case. If man had stayed in the presence of God, then he would have been able to fight against it in hope of success. An important aim of the New Testament is to restore the broken relationship with the living God. This can be restored only through the anointing sacrifice of Jesus Christ since He is the way to the Father. Only the name of Jesus is given under heaven by which man has salvation. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, as the mediator of the New Testament, is able to establish a personal communion with God in which man may gain power and authority to vanquish the enemy. Jesus has said to His disciples that He is going to build his church on the rock and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. Jesus, when talking about the rock, didn’t mean Peter but petra who is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. From this example it becomes obvious that in hope of victory man may struggle against the evil. This is how it should be done and this is the fight of faith. Hence God made is possible through Jesus Christ that everybody should be victorious in Him against the evil forces. It has been written that God leads us not only to victory but onto triumph. Don’t be afraid of malicious talk since this can be defeated as well.