• If there is no blood in an embryo which is just a few weeks old, then isn’t research carried out on them considered to be carnage according to the Bible? The spirit is carried by blood. May the medicine of the future firmly apply the embryonic stem-cell r

    A three-week-old embryo contains normal circulation. At this point we may speak about the appearance of soul, because the Bible states that the soul and not the spirit is carried by blood. The latter one is yet in man and vitalizes the stem-cell that wouldn’t be able to live otherwise. Even the impregnation itself wouldn’t be able to take place, since as the Bible says “the spirit gives life”. First, the spirit and the material unites and this is what we consider to be the stem-cell. As a result of this union and cooperation the circulation of a three-week-old embryo evolves and we consider it to be the soul. The stem-cell lives in a previous phase of this process, hence its application for research cannot be supported by someone who has Judeo-Christian moral value system.     

  • How effective is the prayer of someone who struggles with condemnation originating from childhood? How is it possible to enjoy the presence of God permanently?

    Rejection evolves when man doesn’t get the love and acceptance that he was created for by God. Hence many struggle with uncertainty, since they feel that they are not loved and accepted and as a result they see things as an outsider. They are unable to develop a relationship based on trust and it often manifests itself in their communion with God. Therefore, a kind of milieu should be made in which people may enjoy mutual respect and love towards each other.      How can condemnation be defeated? After repentance those passages should be paid more attention that talk about God’s love towards man. Unfortunately, many religious traditions set back the understanding of this biblical truth, since often the religious messages are about punishment, judgement and the consequences of sin. Of course, there should be talk about them, but in a way that the balance of the Bible shouldn’t be turned over. The Gospel is good news in which God enunciated that He forgives sinful people, accepts the cast offs and loves those who are not been loved.      

  • Many are glad to have a church in Hungary that protects and supports the idea of marriage being only between a man and a woman not epicene people,  as the future of the nation.   

    The population of Hungary is decreasing by 30 thousand people a year and nobody seems to deal with this tendency. But those who deal with it are stigmatized to be extreme, nationalist, fascist and Neo-Nazi. Though this doesn’t depend on politics. To be fruitful and increase in number is the command of God, hence man feels a natural responsibility concerning his nation as well. We as Christians would like to have our nation, and others as well, endure, be strong and renew in the future. There is an honest feeling and desire in our heart that in the golden age of the Messiah, the nations, including the Nation of Hungary should be on earth and enjoy the rich blessing of heaven and the Messiah.   

  • My partner and I have been longing for a child for almost three years, but one of our neighbours, who visits us regularly, constantly tells us that we won’t ever have a child. What can I do that this will not  have a negative effect on our lives?  

    The neighbour should be warned to either stop talking like this or he shouldn’t be let into the house. His ministry is bad when saying things like this. Blessing and curse are transmitted by words. When people are pronouncing forecasts concerning the future with anger or great psychic power, then it has an influence on the listeners on a psychological and spiritual level and may become a destroying power in their destiny. These words should be refuted, like for example, when we send an application to an institution, then often it is rejected. In this way, in private and personal communication, if someone feels that his feelings, way of thinking or other parts of personality are influenced by certain sentences, then these statement should be denied even before himself. Psychic and spiritual power should be taken and such talks should be brushed off as dirt from clothes.     Don’t let such talk into your soul and spirit via your ear, since they are the source of the problem. If they go through only the two ears, then they don’t have any effect, but if they reaches the human soul and spirit, then they do have. Jesus said that what goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth that is what defiles them. Therefore, talk should transmit blessing, life, joy, cheerfulness and not serve the suppression of people.    

  • I have always respected and loved by parents, though they never reciprocated it. They constantly quarrelled with me and nothing I have done was good for them. What can I do in this situation? 

    It is important for man to be able to forgive and take into account those extenuating circumstances through which the behaviour of the parents can be more understood. The 20th century didn’t pamper the older generation in Hungary, its members had to go through many difficulties, just think of wars and the revolution. Many didn’t get love. Generally, people give to their family members what they received, unless they have a relationship where the process of recovery has begun and they become able to get over resentfulness.  Repentance to God may compensate people for many things and it helps getting over loveless relationships. Parents should be treated well henceforth, but a close psychological relationship ought not to be maintained, instead the actions must be prioritized. This will encourage them to change their behaviour.    

  • What does the following excerpt from the Bible mean: “Fathers, do not exasperate your children […]?

    This Bible passage refers to when the parents set requirements that young people are unable to satisfy, hence the children are indirectly humiliated. The original expression not to provoke refers to not exasperating the children. Often at school such expectations are set for young people while assimilating a lot of information and this is the reason for their condition. If the information is not processed and doesn’t evoke certain psychological and spiritual processes  then that person can develop coping mechanisms, which make it useless and harmful to him. The Apostle Paul referred to young people having to fulfil unachievable goals, who are then  easily driven to despair and become depressed. They will be filled with fear, anxiety, inferiority complex, unnecessary feelings and view themselves as incapable of carrying out tasks. These feelings play a major role in suicide at a young age. Many perfectionist and frustrated adults want to realize success in their children. In many cases, this will have a reaction on the child in the first place, then on the parent as well. If the parent sees that his desires have failed, then this has a negative effect on him and may cause harm to the child as well. Therefore, the godly balance, which is wisdom, has to be found to live.