Jesus Christ

  • Why wasn’t Jesus accepted as the Messiah? According to the Old Testament, the Messiah was to be born of a virgin, to heal ill people, to enter into Jerusalem while sitting on a donkey, to be sold for thirty pieces of silver and then to be crucified. Did those who condemned him to be worthy of death consider they might be making a serious mistake? 

    What is evident to someone is not evident for somebody else. There is something that I consider to be truth, but the same thing is regarded to be a lie by somebody else. This kind of difference of opinion exists even if there are facts. This concerns not only Jesus Christ but historical facts as well that are proven by living witnesses.  Despite objective, material proof, people deny these facts. It is impossible to understand by common sense the reasons why people behave like this. I can only explain this phenomenon by accepting that Satan is the enemy of God and the father of lies; moreover, he occupies himself with lying to people. His second aim is to trigger a false conviction in a person’s soul and spirit that results in belief in lies. People are ruled by demons that constantly tell lies to them. The aim of the father of lies is to hide the atoning sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the people. Paul says in his first letter to the Corinthians that Jesus was crucified by the rulers of this age, since they were blinded by the prince of this world. Today people are blind as well who cannot see the truth of God in the gospel. The understanding of their heart is hibernating and not alive. As a result of this evil power, the heart is unable to gain light from the Word of God, nor from the Holy Spirit. Rather, the inner darkness remains, which is the reason for the solitude of man.   

  • If all authority is given to Jesus, then why is it necessary for him to mediate for us? 

    The nature of Jesus is manifold and man should not take into account only one aspect of this nature. His practice of authority is primarily against the enemy, but he acts as a high priest towards man and not as a king. According to the Book of Hebrews, the high priest has to be selected from among the people to be able to sympathize with a miserable, ignorant and errant people. If God used his power against us, then probably we would not be here. So Jesus Christ is not only king, but a plenipotentiary master and mediator as well. He has taken mankind upon Himself and has not committed any sin, but He was tempted in every way. In this way He became sensitive to sympathize with everybody. By knowing every extenuating circumstance He is able to conceive viewpoints through which man may be accepted by the Father.      His task is to gain the mercy of God for us. If this takes place, then the Father bends down to you, lifts you up, forgives your sins, comforts you, fills your needs and restores you. It is important for you not to refer to the extenuating circumstances when committing a sin, since you cannot be your priest. Trust Him that He knows those aspects that can be taken into account and through which you can again gain the mercy of God.    

  • How important is the Bible for those who enter the New Testament? As far as I am concerned, Jesus has not given any reference or directions to the disciples about writing down the Word. He rather said that the law of God should be written into the heart i

    I cannot agree with this statement. A lot of references can be found in the Bible from which it becomes obvious that after revolutionary years God chooses certain people, whose task is to write down the speeches and miracles of Jesus Christ in an edited form. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John: all of them approximated God and three of them were the disciples of Jesus Christ. Luke was the disciple of the Apostle Paul, who was in touch with the apostles many times. So these people were sacred and the statement of the Bible refers to them just as to the prophets of the Old Testament. Their writings were inspired by the Spirit of God and not from their own soul and mind. The revelations about Jesus and his acts were written down by in accordance with the guidance of God.       I would like to explicate that the Word has many manifestations. First, the Word became flesh, which we call logos, that He took the human nature upon Himself. We respect, praise and exalt Him in Jesus Christ. Second, the written form is the Bible. Third, rhema, what is preached through the Holy Spirit, the animation of the logos by Him. There is need for all of them and one can be verified by the other only in this way. If the apostles and people anointed by God had not written down the Word, then it would be very difficult to test whether a revelation is from God or not. We consider the written form of the Word to be a string and the revelations always have to be checked and valued based on it. The revelation has its own specific criteria. Therefore, the wise and spiritual people of posterity supervise the revelations, whether they fully contain these important aspects or not after charismatic eras. For example, the author of the Book of Maccabees reveals that during the writing process the prophetic institution was intermitted; therefore, according to the Jewish elders it is not equal in value to the book of Esther or Job or other books of the Bible. Hence I am glad to have the written form of the Word of God.