Family, child rearing

  • What does the following excerpt from the Bible mean: “Fathers, do not exasperate your children […]?

    This Bible passage refers to when the parents set requirements that young people are unable to satisfy, hence the children are indirectly humiliated. The original expression not to provoke refers to not exasperating the children. Often at school such expectations are set for young people while assimilating a lot of information and this is the reason for their condition. If the information is not processed and doesn’t evoke certain psychological and spiritual processes  then that person can develop coping mechanisms, which make it useless and harmful to him. The Apostle Paul referred to young people having to fulfil unachievable goals, who are then  easily driven to despair and become depressed. They will be filled with fear, anxiety, inferiority complex, unnecessary feelings and view themselves as incapable of carrying out tasks. These feelings play a major role in suicide at a young age. Many perfectionist and frustrated adults want to realize success in their children. In many cases, this will have a reaction on the child in the first place, then on the parent as well. If the parent sees that his desires have failed, then this has a negative effect on him and may cause harm to the child as well. Therefore, the godly balance, which is wisdom, has to be found to live.         

  • If all people who are born are doomed, then why is birth-control a problem? Why do we have to be happy about the birth of a child? Obviously, only a small portion repent of those who are born these days and the majority of them multiply sin on earth.  

    Man is doomed since he violated the law of God. Life can be grasped in a way that man is born to die. As a matter of fact, man strives, learns and works to steal more from death. If he is successful, then he can lengthen his earthly life. A new-born baby is unable to live without care and he needs help from the moment of conception, since he isn’t able to support himself. This fact proves that man is doomed. In contrast, God orders us “to be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth”, hence we undertake life. Naturally, we cannot resign ourselves to be doomed; therefore, we ask God to take away this judgement from us. He does this through Jesus Christ, by grace first on spiritual and psychological level, then on the day of resurrection on physical level as well. 

  • How is it possible to get rid of fear resulting from seeing a horror film in early childhood? 

    It is very important to talk about which part of the film caused fear or a negative impact on the viewer. Sometimes a scene has an influence only on the emotional condition and as such it can be resolved by talking about it. Man can gain courage through uttering words. Seeing horror films is not advisable since not only children but adults as well may be seized by the power illustrated in the film. Pictures transmit power. One of the main aims of ritual practices, masses and all kinds of religious rituals is to exhibit the spiritual power. If they were unable to do this, then rituals would have collapsed, but as we can see they have power. Even if we think of them as formal and empty, they have enticing effect on the human soul and emotions. This is even more true of motion pictures. The Bible says that we have the right to do anything, but not everything is constructive. Freedom has to be approached in a way that those things should be sought for that build the spirit, soul, physical condition and freedom of man. He ought to commit himself to construction and not devastation or self-destruction.