Faith, salvation

  • How can logical thinking be reconciled with the seeking of God?

    I consider logical thinking to be important, but solely it is not enough for the maintenance of the relationship with God. If man lives on an intellectual level, then he excludes himself from the presence of God, since He is spirit and not an intellect. Jesus has revealed of the Father that He is spirit and seeks for people who worship Him in the Spirit and in truth. Therefore, it is necessary to reborn in spirit to get rid of the spirit of death. After that the human spirit must be a central factor in his personality and the intellect, emotion and will should be subordinated to the rule of it. The harmony created by God can be restored in personality only in this way can. If this process does not take place, then man might live as a degenerate being or an imitation and lose his originality. The latter one is in connection with his spirituality and can be found only if related to truth and God in spirit. The intellectual atmosphere is important for the understanding of earthly, natural things and to find one’s way among them. Nevertheless, getting to know God requires a higher level. The Apostle Paul emphasizes that man should be spiritual and not psychic. Only the former one is capable of comprehending the thoughts of God. In contrast, the psychic man is unable to do this despite of being highly qualified intellectually. The nature and gist of the thoughts of God is spiritual and not psychic. Psychic things can be grasped in spiritual way, but not the other way round. Hence it is important to born again and to be spiritual afterwards. The born-again spirit is the most significant and to have the intellect and every spiritual, psychic and physical ability be under the rule of it. We stress the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit, since only He is capable of restoring the harmony that was lost at the fall. In this way man can live in harmony with himself and God and serve Him.

  • If Jesus has taken everything upon him, then why do we need to bear the shameful consequences of mistakes and sins?

    In the present age of salvation, the blessings of redemption are not automatic, but they only come by faith. After the second coming of Jesus, redemption will be a physical principle. In the fate of those who will be born in the messianic era, blessings will predominate. But this is far away and in the present era the share of the blessings of redemption is given by faith. An individual’s decision based on free will, his attitude towards God, and the good fight of faith all come into play as well. Those who choose not to believe will not partake from the blessings of God. The lazy and doubters exclude themselves from grace and are unable to comprehend the kingdom of God. Hence, the gospel should be preached constantly to make people to realize that they are primarily responsible for their own spiritual, psychological and financial state. This is the teaching of the Bible. The problem lies in the fact that the people are unwilling to live in accordance to faith and law in this age, but their life is led by their emotions. This shows the rebellious nature of man. They are godless, evil and do not want to receive what God has promised to them. This age will come to an end. We would like to warn people that it is possible to escape from a car headed towards a ravine. One must choose faith to truly know the kingdom of God.  

  • Why is it difficult to understand the substance of resurrection? 

    Resurrection is one of the most comprehendible topics in the Bible. According to Isaiah, the nations are covered by a dark blanket. This metaphor refers to the evil spirit of death who rules over the visible world and has a great impact on the way people think, feel and process their experiences. Moreover, it also heavily influences the way one perceives reality. As a result, the sensitivity of man towards God is destroyed. The reality of God can be grasped, but the comprehension of miracles, especially the miracle of resurrection, is more difficult. Christian faith starts at this point. Beatific faith is about believing that God has raised Jesus to life. We emphasize this biblical truth so that the presence of God not only touches people but delivers them from this dark blanket as well. When this dark curtain is drawn, then the spirit of man gets light, becomes able to accept the biblical facts and his faith can be placed on it.          

  • I learned that faith is not enough and the actions have to be adjusted to what has been written in the Bible. What if somebody has many faults but tries to do good, can God help him?  

    It is obvious from this question that faith is understood in different ways. We are talking about one particular kind of faith and not many. One of the main characteristics of biblical faith is that it results in both outer and inner changes in man. If this change doesn’t take place, then man does not possess biblical faith, but something else. Hence, it is important to talk about faith. It is through faith that man receives grace from God and changes inside and outside as well. I do not believe in such a faith that is unable to make changes in man, since, as James says, “even the demons believe that – and shudder”. Demons do not change, so it is possible to have demonic faith in God. One of its main characteristics is that it does not trigger any change in man. Nevertheless, our faith is effective and dynamic and makes a change first in man’s inner condition, then in his actions, lifestyle, way of thinking and value system. The fruits of this kind of faith can be recognized. Jesus says that a tree is recognized by its fruit. If someone lives in sin but states that he believes in God, then he is talking about demonic faith. According to the Bible, this kind of faith is not faith but something empty and it has nothing to do with biblical faith. This latter type is accepted by society, though we are talking about faith that changes us and our circumstances as well. 

  • What on earth did Jesus do in hell if it was impossible to escape from there? 

    There is a reference to this question in the letter of Peter: Jesus had to announce that redemption has taken place and there will be resurrection. If he hadn’t gone to hell (he has been to the place reserved for righteous and evil people as well), then it would still rule over the spirits of those who were evil and passed away. Since Jesus has been there as well and broken the rule of Hell, therefore the evil people will be resurrected as well into eternal damnation and not onto eternal salvation. When Jesus gives the command to resurrection, the authority of Death and Hell ceases even over the spirits of evil people. Jesus Christ has established the universal resurrection, but this doesn’t mean universal salvation. These two should not be mixed up!   

  • You have mentioned that with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the heavenly authority made it clear that it had overruled the death sentence of the earthly court.  Does the Bible talk about a universal court proceeding where each person is being prosecuted individually and the goal of this proceeding is to provide everyone with a chance to repent and avoid the death sentence which is the wage of sin?

    There is a suit for everyone between God and his enemy, the devil. One of the main occupations of Satan is to accuse people day and night. His desire is to trigger feeling of guilt and negative reactions to it in the human soul and spirit.  His main aim is to keep people away from Jesus Christ, the Saviour, and from a relationship with the Holy Spirit so that they are unable to understand the beatific plan of God. In contrast to this, God is doing his supportive service for people via other people and angels. Furthermore, He intervenes directly for their sake. From God’s point of view, this spiritual and psychological warfare for people can be successful if man commits himself to Him. By making a decision, people determine the winner of this battle in their life. The victory of Jesus Christ with his sacrifice at the cross of Golgotha is irreversible and can be realized on a personal level if someone says no to Satan and yes to God. In this case the suit does not end with judgement, but grace. 

  • Which heaven did Jesus rise up to after eating with his disciples? Was metabolism in his body? Where are we going if the kingdom of God is invisible and not tangible, but it is inside us? 

    Most probably there is not metabolism in the glorious and resurrected body. There is such a generative power in it that the power of life is present not only in the human spirit and soul but that of the body as well. Often it can be seen in the Bible that when the glory of God touches physical matter, then it is consumed. When the fire came onto the sacrifice of Elijah, it licked up the water as well. Presumably, the digestive tracts of the heavenly body are able to sanctify and change the substance of the material without by-product. The Word refers to the present body as miserable since man has to relieve himself. This is very degrading and it shows that the body is not yet part of redemption. Nevertheless, there is no misery in the glorious body due to metabolism, so we may look ahead with hope in the age to come. According to the Bible, if you remain in God, then He is going to make your body similar to that of Jesus Christ. The kingdom of heaven, where Jesus went back to, is not only inside of man, it would be too subjective and personal. It exists at a concrete place irrespectively of man and believers. It has totally different features and the laws of the visible world have no place in it. It is tangible, but not with hands of flesh and blood, since if man touches it, then he burns. The Almighty did not let the sons of Israel to get near the Mount of God, since the glory of God was present on it. If they touched the presence of His glory, then they would have died. Therefore, God drew a line between Israel and His presence and chose Moses to be the transmitter. God gives man opportunity and chance to get prepared for the visit of His glory. The Bible refers to this time as that of purgation and sanctification. This does not involve only an outer activity, but it regards changes that concern the human nature as well. The metamorphosis is brought about by the Spirit of God and as a result, at the peak, man becomes able to live with the glory of God. This is the heavenly calling of man.