Denominations, religions

  • According to my experience, the founders of Buddhism and Taoism led people to the path of perfect mental self-control, whereas the teachings of Jesus Christ did not distinctly guide people to enlightenment and complete catharsis. If you do not think man can attain their mental and spiritual freedom, what do you think Buddha and others who have been spiritually enlightened did, if not that?

    Although I do not question Buddha's spiritual and historical significance – he is a prominent person and still has great influence over a certain part of humanity – I do not believe the Judeo-Christian revelation could be compared to other religions based on equivalence. It is a higher ranking truth. The God of the Bible does not require heroic, unnatural behaviour, but wants to save men as they are, through Jesus Christ. Buddha has not been declared to have risen from the dead but we state that Jesus has risen. Jesus of Nazareth is much greater than the miracles described in the gospel, therefore, it is not His miracles or teachings that are in the centre of the gospel. Jesus Christ has such superiority over other religious teachers due to His resurrection from the dead, that its significance cannot be expressed by words. This can be stated neither about Mohamed, nor Buddha. Neither of them can be said to be able to forgive sins or have provided an atoning sacrifice for the sins of the world. Those who gain the forgiveness of their sins can find the essence of life. It is not the greatest need of man to be enlightened in connection with something. Satan is able to transform himself into the angel of light. He is able to give light; after all, his original name is Lucifer, that is Light Bearer, Son of the Dawn. The Holy Scripture tells us how man can gain forgiveness and get back into God's presence. It cannot be done by self-redemption, but by Jesus' atonement. Buddhism does not teach about salvation, since there is no redemption in it, whereas Christianity is just about salvation, that is deliverance from sin and death. The story has not ended yet, because if Jesus had risen from the dead He will have to testify about that in the future. Let us wait and see whose faith is going to be proven right.

  • Religions are the creations of antique despotic societies. Today every literate and reasonable man knows that God is only a theory, a projection, a speculation, fiction, an antropomorph fantasy, a concept that is not confirmed by any fact. Buddhism and Taoism are totally normal, but all the three monotheistic religions are unnatural, inhumane and aberrant. Judaism prefers homosexuality, Islam prefers polygamy and the Vatican lately prefers paedophilia. I have decided to remain a healthy, nature-principled atheist (an anthropologist).

    I do not know if this dear viewer can be helped, but he probably should not only study materialism based anthropology, since philosophical, biblical and theological anthropology do exist too. It is worth looking into them as well. Regarding prejudices I can only say that we are well acquainted with them - as if we were back to the 1950s. But I would not give such a short shrift to 2.5 billion people. Fist of all, Judaism does just the opposite: it prohibits homosexuality. It does not mean that there are no Jewish people who support it, but several scriptures forbid it. I cannot deny that Islam prefers polygamy, not in all, but in some Middle-east countries it is evidently true. The Vatican is desperately struggling against paedophilia. It is a great problem indeed within the Catholic Church. However, paedophilia, homosexuality and sexual aberration are serious problems in other religions, for instance in oriental religions as well. A survey was carried out in England among prisoners with different religious beliefs, and there were more homosexuals among the Buddhists than among Christians. Ideology is a chosen view. No scientific fact could contradict God's existence. We could rather say it about atheism, that science has not confirmed the denial of God.

  • People are praying for Hungary at Heroes’ Square while doing different ritual practices to serve the salvation of the country. Priests and pastors take part as well. What do you think, are these programs capable of helping Hungary?

    My resolute answer is no. Shamanism belongs to occultism and as such it contrasts with both the Judeo-Christian revelation and the New Testament. I would like to emphasize that those who seek to have relationship with the spirits of ancestors are not Christians, no matter which occult channel they use to do this. The Bible considers these acts to be categories of witchcraft. These are sins deserving death that deeply trespass upon the justice and authority of the Lord. Because of such sins God drove out the Canaanites before the sons of Israel and forbade His people to learn the detestable things of those nations. God has foreseen that the Israelites would get into trouble because of committing these sins. The Babylonian captivity took place due to deeds of this kind. Shamanism, spiritualism and similar occult activities bring down curses upon the third and fourth generation of those who commit these sins and the nations as well. If pastors and priests take part at such programs, then I think they should take a closer look at the Bible and decide whom they want to serve in the future.

  • Is the practice of yoga against the Christian faith?

    The practice of yoga cannot be found in the Bible. None of the saints of the Old or the New Testament has done yoga. Some rumours make a connection between the Bible, the saints of Israel and yoga practices, but they lack factual foundation and disagree with the spirit of the Scripture. At first sight yoga seems to be a physical exercise, but actually it is part of the spiritual world. Exercise is of primary interest if connected to a certain spiritual system, since the spirits that are the sources of these practices can be invoked. The practice of yoga is outside of the Bible, hence both Jews and Christians avoid doing it.

  • Do the charismatic movements consider the abolishment of walls between denominations to be their task as well?

    We intend to make Christians know the whole Scripture by trying to give a genuine picture of it. The integrative power in the truth of God is capable of bringing into veritable unity the God-loving people. Necessarily every trend has its own peculiarities. I consider the present congregation to be primarily Christian and secondarily to be charismatic. We aim to fulfil the truth of God, to make every believer to have a real communion with Jesus Christ and to make them to live according to the moral and spiritual norms of the gospel. I think there is a need for this and it has an integrative power.

  • What would happen to the Muslims, Hindus and other non-Christian people if Jesus returned to Earth? Is it possible that Jesus undertook crucifixion only for a minority of people?

    Jesus has died for the whole world and as the Lamb of God took away every sin, of the Hindus and Muslims as well. We are the forerunners of Jesus Christ but not omniscient. We are waiting for the appearance of the Master in a visible form, and then everybody will know what to do. We know that God is merciful and gives grace to many. As Paul stated in Athens, God has ordained a day when the nations to be judged by Jesus, and I am sure that many people of all nations will enter the kingdom of God.

  • I am a charismatic Catholic. How do you know that the Catholic Church teaches that the pope is the foundation-stone? We know the charismas and speak in tongues too. The believers should not be torn apart, since the same spirit lives and acts in Catholics, Protestants and Pentecostals as well.

    The dogmas of the Ephesian synod (in 431) names the bishop of Rome to be the foundation of the church. According to the Protestants, this doctrine is based on the misinterpretation of 16:18 of Matthew and it understands this verse in a way that petra, namely rock, refers to Jesus, whose knowing by revelation is the foundation of the church. Peter was living his last years of life in Rome and the Apostle Paul has been there too. Pluralism was dominant in some local communities. When the apostles visited a local church, they automatically entered the body of bishops. Most likely Peter was not living as a monolithic governor in Rome, since he did not have such power in spite of his primacy among the apostles. Preaching full unity and oneness between Catholics, Protestants and Pentecostals is a mystification at the moment. Christianity is not unified right now. The Protestants, Evangelicals and the Pentecostals want to operate as independent denominations due to the outstanding differences. Those who belong to the Catholic Church claim that some of their messages are not taught or accepted by other denominations. As we can read in the letter of First Corinthians, they were abound in every good work, namely in gifts concerning faith coming from God and not acts. However, it turned out that someone among them, a charismatic believer was living with his stepmother, while there were others who did not believe in resurrection. Speaking in tongues means that God has blessed a person with that gift. The value of someone and his relationship with God is indicated by his attitude towards truth, whether he loves and follows it or not. The charismatic people have to pay attention to the fact that the following of truth and the attitude towards it determines the quality of the relationship with God.