• Why did Adam and Eve have a child only after the fall?

    There are theories that deal with the question of whether sexuality is good or bad. If it would be the result of the fall, then the orthodox Catholic teaching would be right that considers it to be primary promiscuity and it can be accepted only if its aim is to have children. I cannot accept this interpretation, since the refutation of it can be found in first Corinthians where the Apostle Paul states concerning wedded life: “do not deprive each other”.  So he didn’t consider married life to be originally bad or sinful but as a form of maintenance of relationship within the confines of marriage and good according to the Bible. The Bible regards sexual relationship before and outside of marriage to be bad; moreover, it is harmful in many ways based on both the Old and the New Testament.       The bodies of Adam and Eve were totally different before the fall than bodies today. Many think that they were walking in the Garden of Eden with nothing on, but actually they were wearing the clothes of glory. Their bodies were neither subordinated to death or sin, nor did they lose the glory of God. This was lost at the fall, but if man subjects himself to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, crucifies his nature and accepts that his body is not for sexual immorality but for resurrection, then he will experience what has been lost at the second coming of Jesus. The Apostle Paul was talking about this change: perishable things will transform into imperishable ones, the lowly bodies will be glorious, the weak and powerless bodies will become that of power and the psychic one will be spiritual. So we don’t know the glory that is reserved for people in heaven. Only on the basis of descriptions about Jesus Christ may we hope that we might gain what has been written in chapter 1,5,14 and 19 of the book of Revelation. Actually, the great secret of the gospel is that man may reflect the glory of the Almighty in the next era.          

  • What does it mean that we are made in the image and likeness of God? What percent of us is similar to the Creator?  

    There is no substantive sameness between God and man. The latter has been made in virtue of and based on the likeness with the original, in other words, man is the representation of an invisible person. The word ‘original’ can be translated as photo, so man is the photo of God. The picture and likeness expresses the relationship between man and God that the former depends on Him. Man has been made to live in personal relationship with his Creator, so only in this communion is he able to be filled with life and get along on earth and in eternity. Though by exercising the free will man may set themselves adrift from God, this is only a self-deception since in this case he becomes dependent on an evil authority that is in opposition with God.