Christian lifestyle

  • How should Christians approach phenomena, like homosexuality that are often considered to be a genetic failure? Or how should they treat trans-sexual people who are born with both female and male organs? May the absolute moral values prevail in this case?   

    Both the Old and the New Testament considers homosexuality to be sin. It can be read in the first chapter of the letter to the Romans that the same sins were found in the time of the Apostle Paul, but he doesn’t study different cases. This is not our task but that of certain specialists and politicians. Our duty is to accept the vision of the Apostle Paul that he has emphasized and it that it existed before Christianity. Moses says that it is detestable if a man has sexual relationship with another man as one does with a woman and he regards it to be sin deserving death. The persecution of men for their sexual behaviour is unacceptable for us, unless they commit a crime. Though we refuse to accept their specific way of thinking and their aim to make communities based on moral and spiritual values and Christian churches to give up their standpoint and be liberal.  

  • How can a young person build up his own personality?

    This is a lifetime task and nobody can claim that his personality cannot be improved upon. It is finished when he moves on from this earthly life. It becomes apparent at the end of life whether somebody managed to realize himself or if the attempt fell through. Man needs God’s help and support to achieve this goal.   Those who have a biblical world view consider man to be made in God’s image and likeness, so his personality is the result of his work. God should be trusted. He has determined the colour of our eye and let’s not think that God wouldn’t be able to make our personality take on permanent changes. Due to this kind of suspicion, man becomes an imitation, since originality can be found only in the Creator. At birth we are incomplete in areas of our life and whether it is filled or not determines if we become the people God designed us to be or settle for life as an imitation.       We are thrown back on communion with God, which means that if we live with Him, then, He gives his life, and attributes and realizes his eternal plan concerning man.  God has determined our personality, call, function and those good acts that should be carried out in the earthly life, hence the need for seeking Him. If we find Him, then we should cooperate with Him and as a result our personality will be like the one designed by God.       Two fundamental facts should be kept in mind to build up personality: we are the creations of God. Our way of thinking should be renewed about ourselves as well. God is not our only enigma but ourselves as well. As we dig deeper into self-examination, we realize our imperfections. Many times the quest to find ourselves leads to depression, suicide, and despondency. Man should seek for God, since it is not alien to the human nature. The task in life is to find the substance that we don’t possess at birth. It can be found in the Creator, in the Saviour, in the Word of God and the goal of having communion with God is to make Him realize this essence in our lives.    

  • I consider myself to be a Christian, but since I’m watching the Happy Sunday, I realized that I’m far from this. What should I do to amend this?

    I would like to emphasize that we are not talking about the Word of God to transmit a sense of guilt into the dear TV viewers. But the truth is that if man binds himself to traditions, then it may happen that he misses the real steps of becoming a Christian. Faith Church lays emphasis on the actual steps. My aim in the future is to emphasize the importance of  repentence, water baptism, being filled with the Holy Spirit and separation from sins, since the Word of God cannot be changed.    The Word of God has come out of his mouth and He doesn’t say temporal things. The Bible emphasizes many times that the Word stands firm in heaven, even if the earth perishes, the visible world collapses and a new one is born. Hence Jesus accentuates that the Word of God is like the rock and the wise man builds his house on it. In this case his life has a strong foundation and gains supernatural power as well. Man has to sincerely repent; it is not enough to be religious. There are many religious people on earth, but the perfect will of God is for them to be real believers. Change of lifestyle, way of thinking and value system, especially the reception of spiritual values are indispensable. The most important of them is the acceptance of Jesus.      

  • Is it harmful to keep magazines containing horoscopes at home? 

    The Bible says in the book of Deuteronomy: “Do not bring a detestable thing into your house or you, like it, will be set apart for destruction. Regard it as vile and utterly detest it, for it is set apart for destruction.” Since Hungary is a materialistic country and its culture is based on atheism, the people are not fully aware of the importance of the spiritual world, of its symbols and realities marked by them. Quite often it can be heard that Satanism is only a craze and should not be taken seriously. But this is not the case. When an object is given spiritual function, then it transmits spiritual things undesirable for man. In this case the evil spirits are connected to objects, but do not inhabit them.    Demonology considers horoscope to belong to occultism, which is related to idolatry, the worship of other gods. According to my experience, when people take them home, some kind of problem occurs in their home, and often the reading of horoscopes induces illnesses. It is better not to give the devil a foothold. In other cases man obviously doesn’t have the right to pull them to pieces or to ban them, but at home man may do whatever he wants by being the master of the house.  Christians want their home to be spiritually and morally clean and to remain in this condition.    

  • No sex? How can you bear it?

    We received the ability for sexuality from God. We believe in the institution of marriage, hence the emphasis on the covenant made between a man and a woman. We are convinced that sexuality within marriage is a good thing. In contrast to this, sexuality outside of marriage has a counter effect and it has a negative, destructive influence on marriage and family. The Bible highlights two main groups of sin that may result in the disintegration of society: sexual immorality and occultism, idolatry. Many messages arrived at the office of Happy Sunday underlying that sexuality out of marriage is a destructive power. The people not only steal from each other but mock as well; they spoil youth, lie to their children and make a deformed world by committing sexual immoralities.    

  • Many times you’ve called upon us to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I would like to be filled, though this is not so easy for me. Is it worth continuing to try to be filled with Him or God is just telling me in this way that I’m not chosen?  

    It’s no use worrying about it, since man can receive the gift of the Holy Spirit not by actions but by faith. The Holy Spirit is the spiritual gift of God from His grace. Though there are some conditions: man has to cooperate with God, who fills those that believe with the Holy Spirit and fire in the high priest’s service of Jesus Christ. Quite often as it can be read in  Acts, that the Holy Spirit is given at the laying on of hands by a man of God. So maybe it is necessary, hence it is important for the TV viewer to visit a community where the biblical steps of being filled with the Holy Spirit is known and the service of the laying on of hands is done in a holy manner.     

  • Is it possible to have demons in someone who accepted the redemption of Jesus Christ? 

    Christians may be demon-possessed, otherwise, the church would consist of only saints. If they were fully pure and free, then all areas of their personality would be filled with the Holy Spirit. When someone is born again, then Jesus Christ moves in his heart and spirit, though his soul doesn’t receive grace. Man should clean and sanctify it. So it is very important to differentiate between the soul and the spirit, since grace starts working in the latter one. The way this grace is used ought to be decided. It is applied whether for the soul and the body to get grace as well, or we think that we’ve reached everything and stop at the baseline as if we hit the target. Hence James says “humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you”. The Apostle Paul doesn’t say to the Christians either that the soul has already escaped, but they may save it. When being born again, then man gets grace and starts off on a racecourse and has to run for 50, 60 or 100 years. He has to care for his soul and body till the judge Heaven says the race is over.   

  • Though the churches are full of money, they are unable to present the most fantastic story, the message of resurrection in a competitive way. People are excited more by football games and soap operas. 

    Money is unable to bring spiritual and moral rejuvenation. Only those who truly believe in God and His Word and live according to their profession of faith are capable of doing this. Unfortunately, many who attend church services do so as a routine, and their way of thinking, world view and value system is secularist, similar to that of non-believers. Although there are some dynamically developing movements in Christianity, like the faith movement, the awaited rejuvenation has not taken place in spite of the available money, television and radio.     I personally think that since the end of the 19th century an apostasy is taking place and it continues to be so in the 20th century. It is shocking that ecclesiastic people not only latched on to the anti-Semitic movement, but they started it off around the end of the 19th century. They played their part in the European headway of National Socialism, though they don’t take responsibility for in public. Things that happened during communism, for example what clerical members were seeking for as III/III. agents, cannot be explained to the people. Someone who believes in God may do it only in front of God.     If the leaders of a spiritual and moral institution like that of the church wreck, then it makes an impression on the congregation as well. To this day this taking part in and cooperation with different inhumane ideologies of the 20th century hasn’t been processed in Europe, hence Christianity is more alive in Africa, Asia, the United States and South-Africa than here.