The Creation and Fall of Man

God created man in His own image and likeness, male and female. He formed his body from the dust of the ground and breathed into him spirit (ruach). So man became a living being (nefesh) who has body, soul and spirit.

The main task of man is to praise and worship God and to extend his dominion all over the world. God gave the Word to Adam, the keeping of which provided harmonious communion with God and protection against Satan for the people. Through the snake Satan tempted Eve who rebelled against the Word of God. Adam followed Eve in the rebellion and as a result, fell out of the perfect will of God.

The Consequences of The Fall:

  • Human nature became depraved and human life went under the power of sin and death, as a consequence of that, personal communion with God had broken.
  • Satan seized and usurps the power of people that was given by God.
  • Humanity became exposed to trouble and the rule of demons and destroying angels, therefore illness, suffering, pain and deprivation became a part of human life.
  • People and their territory are subjected to futility and condemnation.
  • As Adam identified himself with the aims of Satan, he brought down God's wrath on himself and his life and work were subjected to judgment and curse.

After the Fall, Adam and Eve lived outside of Eden without God, therefore sin spread all over the world.