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  • The conference of the International Allies Caucus Foundation (IIACF) in Budapest

    The International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation (IIACF) met in Budapest on Sunday to discuss current issues. Most of the participants gave voice to their support of the security of Israel, her rightful self-defence, and of the undivided city of Jerusalem under Israeli control. Lucio Malan, Italian senator, member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly emphasized that lately Italy has strongly supported Israel and she should also be supported in world politics. He declared that one cannot only be on the defensive side, but certain steps have to be taken, and that can be realized through the IIACF, he added. „Today truth is taking root” – stated Tamas Lukács, Christian Democrat Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, Minorities, Civil and Religious Affairs. As he said the situation in the Middle-East has never been so tense. He underlined that the Palestinian initiation of having the Palestinian state recognized by the United Nations creates tension, but this tension could be productive. “We are here to strengthen the bridge between Christians and Jews” - said Benjamin Elon two-times former Minister of Tourism in Izrael. He added that this bridge is not only built through the issue of Soa survivors. “We know that this issue will never be an issue in the arena of politics”, he added. Doug Lamborn republican congressman, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources, called the attention to the fact that although Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle-East, she has very few friends. Lamborn stated that Israel is facing enemies that are not only besiege her by traditional weaponry, but by ideologies and diplomatic assaults as well. Such is the intent to modify her final state borders to the cease-fire lines existing until 1967. The representative of Congress from the state of Colorado added that statehood cannot be achieved with a piece of paper, and the United States will veto the Palestinian efforts in the United Nations. 

  • Israel 60 - Celebration in Faith Park

    In 2009, Faith Church held commemoration ceremonies all over the country for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel. At the headquarters of the church in Budapest, at Faith Park, following the joint singing of Biblical psalms, Aliza Bin-Noun, Ambassador of Israel to Hungary (seen on the photo), Sándor Németh, Rabbi Ferenc Raj, and Yehuda Shen, the Central-Eastern European Director of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, made speeches. Mr. Yehuda Shen noted that this was the largest commemoration event held in Europe, which provides encouragement and an example of what Zionism truly means, to all living in the Holy Land.

  • Solidarity with Sderot

    Faith Church was the first in Hungary to react to the calls for help from the city of Sderot in the Gaza strip which was shot by more than 6,000 rockets, deprecating the terror attacks against civilian population. Sándor Németh, the pastor of Faith Church personally inspected the situation on the spot during his solidarity visit in 2008.
    Coming home from Israel, he organized a charity fundraiser with the participation of renowned Israeli artists in February of 2008, allocating the $50,000 (9,1 million forints) raised to Vision for Israel. The charity mission, based in Jerusalem, bought school equipment and food for the children of Israeli families living in poverty due to the economic difficulties and terror attacks.
    By the initiation of Sándor Németh, through the Hungarian Christian's donation, Faith Church invited 50 young people from Sderot on holiday to Hungary in the summer of 2008.  These young people spent an unforgettable week in Budapest which was followed by a trip to Balaton, the largest lake in Europe. Jigal Levi, the associate of the Sderot mayor's office, who joined the youth on their 10-day trip to Hungary commented on the opportunity: " Since one of the purposes of the constant attacks is to gnaw at the nervous system of the members of the community, the majority of the children had been treated for post-traumatic syndrome; which is why this is a wonderful experience for us."
  • All Together for Jerusalem Foundation

    The All Together for Jerusalem Foundation was founded by Sándor Németh, Pastor of Faith Church and Péter Feldmájer, the President of Mazsihisz for the enhancement of the Jewish-Christian dialogue. The purpose of the foundation is the research, advocacy and representation of the future and past of Jerusalem, the exploration of its spiritual, religious and cultural significance, thus strengthening the values of the Judeo-Christian heritage. The founding document was signed on, May 18, 2012, in Budapest.
    Due to the numerous misconceptions and false information circulating concerning the Holy City, it is time to acquaint the Hungarian people with the historical, spiritual and cultural aspects of Jerusalem. The founders believe that Jerusalem is a spiritual reality and the appropriate approach is able to efface the anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and racism in a country.
    The founders plan to organize celebrations, scientific conferences within the confines of informative activities and influential guests from all over the world to help promote the capital of Israel. Another purpose is to put Hungary  among the first to transfer its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. According to Sándor Németh, this would mean more than mere political cooperation, it would create a spiritual bridge between Hungary and the state of Israel. The foundation aims to be involved in sporting events related to the city. The founders support participation in the popular international Jerusalem Marathon and a 50 member team from the All Together for Jerusalem Foundation represented Hungary.