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  • Sandor Nemeth received the Radnóti Miklós Antiracist Award

    The Radnóti Miklós Antiracist Award was founded in 2000 by the MEASZ (League of Hungarian Resistence and Antifascists). This award is given every year to personalities and communities that, in spite of negative consequences, step up against the spread of the fascist ideology in Hungary. Moreover, these people stand up for antiracism with their speech and acts as well. This award was given to Sandor Nemeth on March 21, 2014, at RAM Coliseum in Budapest. Agnes Heller (world-famous philosopher) and MAZSIHISZ (National League of Hungarian Synagogues) also received this award.

  • The Honours of the MENSCH International Foundation

    "Mensch means man in German, in Yiddish though, in the way people talked in the stetls (small Eastern-European villages with a major Jewish population), it meant a very-very good man, a man who gives his shirt to the other."- said Andrew Geiger, the President of the Foundation during the ceremony. According to the Award "The Mensch Foundation honours you as a true man at all times. Everything that you have done was an effort to make this chaotic world a better place. Sándor Németh, may you live to 120."
    Andrew Geiger gave special thanks to Sándor Németh for teaching the community he is leading to advocate the values honoured in his person. As a descendant of holocaust-survivors, he added: "If people had done all those things during the war that you do now that horrid thing wouldn't have happened. I am grateful that in this present situation in Hungary, you are in your place and do what is decent and honest. I personally thank you for that."
    Sándor Németh considers the award an honour. He said it motivates him "to unselfishly serve this noble and holy issue in the future".
    The Mensch Foundation is an international organization of public utility that aims to form tolerant social values, democratic historical consciousness that appreciates and respects the rights of minorities and religions, and that rejects chauvinism, racism and xenophobia.
    Tom Lantos, Member of the U.S. Senate, Árpád Göncz former Head of the State and George Herbert Walker, American ambassador were among the distinguished persons awarded by the Mensch Foundation in the past.
  • Award for the Peace of Jerusalem

    "The case of Jerusalem is not only a political issue. It lives in the hearts of all Jews, believers and Christians. The Biblical truths about the city do not only exist on the pages of Scripture but in our hearts as well. (Rabbi Benny Elon, the Former Chairman of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus.) On October 1, 2010, Sándor Németh was awarded by the Membership the Knesset for strengthening the friendship between Hungary and Israel and for his advocacy of important social issues.
    Picture: Benny Elon (left), Sándor Németh (centre), Robert Ilatov Member of the Knesset (right)
  • Honours in Israel

    On the 8th of December, 2009 Sándor Németh received the highest award given by the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus and the Jewish World Congress as an acknowledgement for his efforts made for the Jewish people. The award, founded in 2005, is given yearly to a Christian leader, who is considered to have done the most for Israel. "We have been praying for the leaders and the citizens of Israel that in spite of the demonization and criminalization of the state, they could lead, defend and build the country with wisdom"- stated Sándor Németh during the ceremony.

  • Award for the Efforts toward Hungarian Jews

    In October 2009, Sándor Németh received the Award for Hungarian Jews for strengthening the Jewish-Christian relationships, for the promulgation of the mutual heritage and the doctrines of the Scripture, for his advocacy of the independent Jewish State and his undiminished opposition to anti-Semitism. "As a human, as a Christian, and as a Hungarian, the Jewish revelation is the greatest blessing in my life. (...) Knowing the Scripture led me to realize that, like the rest of mankind, I am indebted to the Kingdom of God for those truths, spiritual treasures, covenants and Biblical characters through whom the people of God have blessed the world with."- said the leader of Faith Church. You may read the speech of Sándor Németh given at the award ceremony on this page.