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  • Saint Paul Academy

    Saint Paul Academy ( previously known as Central-Eastern European Bible School and Pastor Training College ) was founded by Faith Church and accredited by the Hungarian state in 1990. The Academy is recognized as an establishment of higher education by the Republic of Hungary based on Act  CXXXIX. of 2005.  Teaching began in the 1990/91 term on both full-time and correspondence courses. The first full-time class received their degree in Theology in the summer of 1994.
    The title of the institution changed to Saint Paul Academy in June 1995. The Master Degree programme commenced in September 2007, and broadened with a new class each year, in a phasing-out system during a 5-year course period. 
    You may visit the website of Saint Paul Academy here (szpa.hu).

  • Education

    The educational program of Faith Church is the most efficient of all churches in Hungary. In its governmentally acknowledged schools, nearly five thousand students study according to the norms of Christian morality. Since 2012, Faith Church maintains public schools in Magy, Hajdúsámson and Ajka as well.

    Gábor Bethlen Elementary, Nursery and Art School (Bethlen Gábor Általános Iskola, Óvoda és Alapfokú Művészetoktatási Intézmény), Nyíregyháza

    The school and the nursery school are located in the church’s building at Nyíregyháza.  A large portion of the money was donated by church members for this investment. Since 2009, the institution hosts an English preparatory course, and secondary education since 2011. Currently, around 300 pupils and students are educated in Bethlen. In the elementary art-education program, 95 students are studying graphic arts and classical music.

    Péter Bornemisza High, Elementary, Art and Sport School (Bornemisza Péter Gimnázium, Általános Iskola és Alapfokú Művészetoktatási Intézmény), Budapest

    This is the first elementary and secondary educational institute of Faith Church founded by Sándor Németh in 1997. The school was named after the famous Hungarian protestant reformer, Péter Bornemisza. The institution started off with 300 students, but today it operates in three buildings, managing thirteen grades for over 1700 students. The school offers elementary musical education, sport division, English preparatory course and secondary adult education. András Horváth, principal, stated that the school is open to anyone who agrees its moral and technical principles. 70-95% of the students who have graduated in the past few years have been accepted to universities. According to the principal, the ‘Christian mind, the atmosphere of freedom and the value-centred view’ makes this institute unique. Following the example of Péter Bornemisza High School, the church has set up five other schools in the major cities of Hungary, giving place to 3000 students.
    Gál Huszár Secondary, Elementary and Art School (Huszár Gál Gimnázium, Általános Iskola és Alapfokú Művészetoktatási Intézmény), Debrecen

    The Gál Huszár School, founded in 2003, is operating twelve grades and six groups of art. The school has won a lot of titles and prizes due to its outstanding tutoring programs, modern and environmental education.

    Ark of Noah Kindergarten (Noé Bárkája Óvoda), Kecskemét

    The kindergarten started off with 50 pupils in 2004, in Kecskemét. Faith Church rented, then bought and renovated the old building of a kindergarten in Kecskemét. Not only the children of church members are attending.  Many find it appealing that, while the institution is preparing children for school, it still pays attention to Biblical values and moral education as well.
    Mihály Sztárai Elementary and Art School, Kindergarten and Créche (Sztárai Mihály Általános Iskola, Óvoda, Bölcsöde és Alapfokú Művészetoktatási Intézmény), Pécs

    Mihály Sztárai was an extraordinary preacher of the reformation in Hungary in the 16th century. The school, founded in 2004, is managing eight grades, and in 2007 was expanded to include a kindergarten, and in 2009, with a crèche located in a separate building in the suburbs. Within the confines of the elementary school, there are 159 students doing their studies, while there are more than 60 children in the kindergarten, and 24 in the crèche. The institution has 53 employees. Every year the students perform successfully in academic, sport and art competitions.
    Péter Uzoni Secondary and Elementary School (Uzoni Péter Gimnázium és Általános Iskola), Salgótarján

    The Péter Uzoni Elementary School was launched in 2003 by transforming the church house into a four-classroom school building. The school started in the following year with four more classes. A brand new building was opened in 2005. The school is running under Péter Uzoni’s name, since 2007. In 2012, a class graduated for the first time. Currently more than 200 students are studying at Uzoni.
  • Next generation

    Religion and ethics education

    Beginning in September 2013, the teaching of ethics will be obligatory in every public school in Hungary in grades 1 and 5, in a phasing-out system. The new control of public education makes it possible for the students and their parents to choose between the school-organized "ethics" or the church-organized "religion and ethics" subjects, including their choice regarding the church conducting the education of the subject which will involve one lesson every week.
    Faith Church aims to participate in the teaching of the religion and ethics subject. The appointed representatives contacted the principals of every Hungarian public school and asked their permission to facilitate Faith Church’s participation in education if the parents call for it. 
    Bible is the basis of Christianity and one of the foundations of European culture, it is part of the general erudition in Hungary as well. 
    The curriculum of the religion and ethics classes of Faith Church is combined with the aim of making it useful for all children regardless of social status, religious or communal convictions or beliefs. 
    The tutors of Faith Church are trained theologians equipped with a degree from Saint Paul Academy and many of them are practicing parents as well. Saint Paul Academy is the largest theological institution for higher education in the country in terms of the number of students. 
    The main objective of the tutors is to familiarize and endear the exciting and edifying stories of the Bible to the children. The education will be conducted in a playful, easily understandable and inspiring form. At first grade biblical picture- and exercise-books, as well as cartoons and movies will be available for the children and the teachers. In fifth grade, the children's knowledge would be deepened with a comprehensive comics-series adaptation of the Bible used as the student book.

    Youth camps

    Since its foundation, Faith Church pays special attention to the education of the youth. There is a separate Bible school during church services for children ranging in ages from 7 to 13.  A weekly service is held for these youth to facilitate their growth in faith and spiritual development.
    The head Pastor also shares his visions about Biblical truths with the young people during quarterly youth days.
    Faith Church aims to help the members of the next generation become mature adults and responsible citizens of their country, that they might become stable foundations of the Hungarian society with their work and their family.

  • Media

    Patmos Records

    Patmos Records, the publisher and distributor for Faith Church was founded in 2010, although its publishing activities began illegally in 1988.  Now, in alliance with other partner-publishers, Patmos Records has a portfolio of nearly a hundred products and publications, including books, CD-s and DVD-s.  In the past decades, Faith Church has translated into Hungarian and published the books of such acknowledged Christian leaders and writers as Derek Prince, Kenneth E. Hagin, Marilyn Hickey, Randall Price, Kevin Howard, Marvin Rosenthal, John Hagee and Lester Sumrall. These publications have influenced the neo-protestant communities both in Hungary and abroad.
    The books and products published by Patmos Records may be purchased at the Patmos Book&Café in the Budapest city centre (V. kerület, József nádor tér 9), at Faith Park, and online.

    Patmos Book&Cafe


    Hetek, founded by Sándor Németh in 1997, is a weekly newspaper dealing with political, foreign- and internal affairs, analysing economic and social issues while giving a behind-the-scenes look and expectations. This paper, distributed nationwide, has become a well-known establishment in the country with a determinative force and a large readership. The editor-in-chief, Sándor Németh, often publishes his writings in the Faith and Values column.

    In the past years Hetek has served as a basis for public debates, helped draw national attention to social difficulties and inspired other media personalities to change their attitude towards issues involving the Jews and Israel.
    Hetek published an anthology, The Heroic New Land (Hős új ország), to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the birth of the state of Israel.
    The novelty of 2009 was the launch of the Hetek Public Policy Club, with the attendance of figures of Hungarian politics in the spring. In December 2009, the establishment hosted an anti-fascist event with Elie Wiesel as guest speaker in front of the ten thousand people attending at Faith Park.


    Guests of the Hetek Public Policy Club


    • Lajos Bokros, ex-minister of Finance
    • Péter Kira, leading economist of Leumi Bank, Switzerland
    • Péter Heim, Chairman of the Board of Aegon Hungary Co. 
    • István Hamecz, CEO of the OTP Fund Management Company


    • Lajos Kósa, Vice-President of Fidesz, Mayor of Debrecen
    • Gábor Demszky, former Mayor of Budapest (1990-2010)
    • Gábor Fodor, former President of the Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ)
    • István Szentiványi, President of the National Council of SZDSZ


    • Péter Kiss, Minister of Social Affairs and Labour


    • Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize-winner, Holocaust-survivor

    Guests in 2010


    • Natan Sharansky, human rights activist


    Hetek Publisher Ltd.

    Hetek national weekly was founded by Sandor Nemeth, senior pastor of Faith Church, in 1997. This weekly focus on politics and public affairs is circulated nationwide and has become one of the best-known and decisive weeklies in the country. It is characterised by news and event explanations, analysis of social and foreign policy developments,  and the pragmatic exploration of social injustice and social publications. The founder-editor Sandor Nemeth also contributes regularly in the Faith and Values coloumn. The sensitive nature of the topics in Hetek have brought social problems to light, served as a grounds to public affairs disputes and inspired other participants of the Hungarian media in, for example, their stance on issues concerning the Jews, within the past year. And now  Hetek is more than just the publishing of the printed version of the weekly. It is also available to the Hungarian public in the forms of printed and electronic books, DVDs, organized thematic conferences, and through its web archive and Facebook profile as well as a digital platform. The website of the publisher is available at: www.hetek.hu

    • Tibor Grüll: Beauty and the Beast - History of the Europeran Culture (History)
    • Hetek Books: Whom This World Was Not Worthy of (Anthology)
    • Efraim Zuroff: Operation: Last Chance (History)
    • Dore Gold: The Fight for Jerusalem (History)
    • Hetek Anthology: The Century of Ghosts (Politics-Public Affairs)
    • Natan Saransky with Ron Dermer: The Case for Democracy (Politics-Public Affairs)
    • Hetek Anthology: The Heroic New Land (History)
    • Hetek Anthology: Faith and Values (Faith-Politics-Public Affairs)


    Faith Radio

    Faith Radio also broadcasts Hungarian and international contemporary Christian music, and interviews, talk shows and church services 24 hours a day.

    You can listen to the radio at the website (www.hitradio.hu).

    New Exodus

    New Exodus is the theological and religious periodical of Faith Church, founded by Sándor Németh in June, 1989.
    New Exodus was the first charismatic theological review in Hungary. The head Pastor is the President of the Theological Committee editing the journal to the present day. The publication deals with spiritual and moral issues discussed on a Judeo-Christian and Biblical basis. Another focus of the journal is dealing with issues concerning, Israel and the Jews. The publication also serves as the release forum for the new translations of the Bible made by the Bible Translator Board of Saint Paul Academy.

    You may view the archive at the website (www.ujexodus.hu).

  • Charity

    Charity (Faith Church Aid)

    The church has been doing charitable activities since 1987, when church members travelled to Oradea (Nagyvárad, Transylvania), then to Brasov to help Hungarians living across the border. Clothes, food, Bibles and works of Christian literature were brought there. A non-profit charity organization evolved from the initiative of Sándor Németh that became official in 1994, as the Christian Givers Network (Hites Adakozók Hálózata-HAH). It was renamed in 2012 and is now known as Faith Church Aid operating with more than 30 offices within and across the borders. The network pays special attention to families with many children, single parents, the disabled and those who would like to earn their living but are unable to do that due to circumstances beyond their control. If you need help or would like to donate, please visit the official website of Faith Church Aid.

    Hungarians beyond the borders

    In the past 15 years, donations from Faith Church have reached people living in poverty in Csángo and Székely Land and Vojvodina (Vajdaság). At Christmas, 2008, members of the HISZ-team distributed 1500 kg-s of clothing, wraps and blankets, as well as food valued at 1 million Forints (5000 US$) in Marosvásárhely, Gyergyószentmiklós and Székelykeresztúr (located in Romania). To help the flood victims in Székely Land in 2005, the Church has raised $60,000, which was given directly to the families living there. The Santa Claus of the FCA visited the largest Hungarian-populated village of Vajdaság, Magyarkanizs, where he distributed presents from the members of Faith Church. With the participation of the Transylvanian churches, the students of Faith Church's primary schools surprise the children of needy families with Christmas presents every year.

    Tsunami in Southeast-Asia

    Under the initiation of Sándor Németh, Faith Church supported the survivors of the tragic Southeast-Asian tsunami in December 2004, by giving $40,000 through the operation of the Hungarian Baptist Aid.


    Faith Church was among the first from Hungary to help when Haiti was devastated by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010, raising $50,000 for the cause. "We would mainly like to help the orphaned children with the money. They are the ones in the greatest need of that."-said Pastor Sándor Németh. Faith Church sent the aid to the site through their partner-organization, an international charity organization, Operation Blessing.

    Hurricane Katrina

    In 2005 Sándor Németh organized a fundraiser at Faith Church after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and raised $25,000 to aid victims impacted by the destruction of the storm. With the coordination of the American Embassy in Budapest, the money was given to Operation Blessing, and with it was able to provided 50,000 hot meals to the victims in both New Orleans and its suburbs just 6 days after the storm. Operation Blessing was founded by the known American TV personality and preacher Pat Robertson, who gave thanks for all the donations from all around the world following Hurricane Katrina on his television show, The 700 Club. Robertson acknowledged the 25 thousand dollars received from Hungarian Christians during the live shows, reading the letter received "from his good old friend", Sándor Németh, the leader of Faith Church.


    The Christian Givers Network sent 40 tons of aid, medical and food supplies, to Rwandan refugees in 1994 on three private Lufthansa airplane. The shipment arrived from Frankfurt to the refugees through the American preacher, Lester Sumrall's global organizations, LeSEA and Feed the Hungry.
  • Social activities

    Happy Sunday

    Sándor Németh created a unique show on both domestic and international level with Happy Sunday that has broadcast Faith Church's Sunday services since 2001, in a 120 minutes show, live from Faith Park. The host and speaker of the show is the head Pastor himself.
    Sándor Németh had already appeared on national television in the 90s, when his Bible teachings were broadcast. In addition to the preaching, the quarterly broadcast Hitköznapok programme gave authentic information on the activities of Faith Church in ten published episodes.
    Happy Sunday is televised on the fourth most popular Hungarian channel, ATV, and can be viewed across the country and abroad, from Iceland to Israel.
    Since December, 2001, the interactive service of Faith Church is the most popular Hungarian religious television programme. It has more than half a million viewers and hundreds of reactions received each week.  The viewers can contact the staff via phone calls, text messages, e-mails and letters. Many have shared their experiences, about how the preaching has inspired them to change their lifestyle, read the Bible regularly or the way they experienced God's help during hardships in their lives. 
    Due to the Internet-broadcast, the programme may be watched on five continents and it has regular viewers abroad.  Many Hungarians strengthen their relationship with their home country through the broadcast.
    The televised programmes have also contributed to the turnaround in the social image of the Church which has become the fourth most supported church in Hungary. 
    Please visit the webpage of Happy Sunday, where you may also find the complete online archives of the services broadcasted.
    Take a part personally in the spiritual and moral renewal of Europe and Hungary. Be a Media partner of Happy Sunday! You may contribute to the success of Happy Sunday with your support.

    Faith and Moral Cultural Foundation

    The Faith and Moral Cultural Foundation has been operating since 1990, and was founded by the Sane Life-, Health-, Family- and Youth-protection Christian Association, an initiation of Sándor Németh. 
    The Faith and Moral Cultural Foundation is the main funder of Bornemisza Péter High School. The foundation also provides scholarships for foreign students of Saint Paul Academy. It also supports the Bible-translations and the research program of the Academy.
    Registered in serial number 1803, the Foundation is graded as a non-profit organization, in effect since January 1, 1998 by the Budapest Metropolitan Court (order number 11. PK. 66 322V11V1991).  According to public code CLVI. (Art.) §26 of 1997, the Foundation operates social activities including education, tutoring, dissemination, as well as taking care of the elderly, helping families, and serving cultural purposes of public utility.
    In addition to the moral and spiritual support of the Faith and Morale Cultural Foundation, it has also financed programmes of public utility, including free universities, events, commemorations and camps.
    There are several accounts separated for the different purposes.
    We are grateful for donations!
    • To support public education: 10300002-20355065-70213285
    • To support higher education: 10300002-20355065-70693285
    • To support academic work: 10300002-20355065-70383285
    • To support social activities: 10300002-20355065-70383285

    You may find further information about the work of the Foundation on this webpage.

    Prison Mission

    In the prison service, Faith Church conveys the spiritual and moral values of the Bible to people on the margin of society. The service aims to help the prisoners fit into society after released from the institutions of the penal system, but it also helps them to begin their re-socialization within the walls of prison.
    The service began in 2000 at Sopronkőhida, where already more than 100 people have given their lives to Christ.  Forty to fifty of them are free now, and many among them have demonstrated that the message of the gospel has a long-lasting effect, even outside prison.
    In 2003, inmate ministries began in other institutions in Baracska, Budapest, Szeged, Vác and Pálhalma. In the most feared prison, Csillaghegy, almost 200 people have become Christians so far. The result of this service is a Roma church at Hódmezővásárhely and the radical decline of criminal activity in the area.
    The preachers also encourage the converted convicts to spend their penalty time usefully. Many of them learn a profession, languages, finish high school and earn a degree. Four convicts are students of Saint Paul Academy's extramural school.

    Army Chaplain Service

    The Christian soldiers of the Dobó barrack in Budapest had organized church services a number of times with the permission of the local commander, when, in the summer of 1994, Col. Zoltán Kovács, Religious Affairs Counsellor of the Ministry of Defence, visited one of these events and advised them to make the church services official. The idea was achievable within the Protestant Army Chaplain Service, with whom Faith Church signed an agreement in February, 1996. Péter Uzoni represented Faith Church as president of the service and Col. Tamás Szalay, Assistant Bishop, in the name of Brigadier Károly Takaró of the Protestant Episcopate.  
    Sándor Béres, army chaplain of Faith Church, based his office at the Hűvösvölgy army base in March 1997.
    After 3 years of undisturbed functioning, a statement from the Hungarian Calvinist Church Synod brought change in February, 1999.  It considered the signed agreement of 1996 "inoperative, due to its violation of the legislation in force and for conflicting beliefs with the Hungarian Reformed Church".  Following this statement János Szabó, Minister of Defence, terminated the operation of the Army Chaplain office of Faith Church.   This order was in effect from October 22nd.


    Since the foundation of Faith Church, Sándor Németh pays special attention to the training of the next generation. For this purpose he founded the Youth Organization of Faith Church after the democratic transition. One of the biggest nationwide campaigns of the Full-Gospel Evangelical Student and Youth Association (TEDISZ) was conducted in 1994, on the 50th anniversary of the deportation of Hungarian Jews to the death camps. The 16-part critically acclaimed scientific and artistic conference series, “Don't go any further my friend” was the largest event of the memorial year.
    At the same time, under the initiative of Sándor Németh, members of Faith Church restored Jewish cemeteries in numerous Hungarian cities and villages, where they had been neglected for decades due to the deportation of the Jewish population.
    TEDISZ organized a travelling exhibition in 2004, Never Again Shoah (Soha többé Shoá) that reached a number of Hungarian cities between 2004 and 2008 with the assistance of the railways. The exhibition hall was a cattle truck to commemorate the deportations. 
    TEDISZ organizes summer conferences for university and college students every year.